Mar 28, 2008

Some of the young moms from church got together for lunch and the babies had a good time together. From the left: Lauren (expecting in June) Hannah who is clothesless due to a messy lunch, Emmanuel, his sister Eden and mom Lois, Adrian and baby Xaviera.
This is Hannah with Dr. Noble, the doctor who delivered her over a year ago. I was excited to see him again because he's such a great person and wonderful doctor. Why did we go see him? We're having another one!! This one plans to arrive on October 31.
Hannah's original picture with Dr. Noble.
Since we won't see some family for awhile here is what is now the 3/4 inch little beginning.
The due date on here is a little different but we were told to keep the original one.

Mar 27, 2008

Easter vs. Pascha?

Most people had their Easter this past weekend and several people were interested, when, asked if Hannah had fun hunting eggs I said, "Oh our Easter's not for another month." So, here is an explanation Dax originally put on his facebook as to why. It may be a little technical but that's how it is sometimes. A bit of Christian history never hurt anyone. If you're interested, read on!

by Dax
Since most of you are about to celebrate Easter this weekend, I thought I would post a note about why the Orthodox Church has a different date. First of all, we usually don't refer to it as Easter, but Pascha (Passover)- {pronounced Pa-ska}. This refers to Christ being the passover lamb. Anyway, there were a few problems with the celebration of Pascha in the 4th century when the First Ecumenical Council met in Nicaea in 325. One of these was that Christians were celebrating Pascha at different times. The other was that the Jewish reckoning for Passover had changed since the time of Christ due to the fall of Jerusalem and the scattering of the Jewish people. Passover was to be celebrated after the Spring Equinox, since the harvest was important for the celebration. With the new Jewish reckoning, Passover could occur before the Equinox. This is why the First Council said not to celebrate "with the Jews," since Passover was not being celebrated at the correct time.

So what is the correct time? Well, at the time of Christ and of the Council, the Julian Calendar was still in effect. Today, the Julian Calendar is 13 days behind the common Gregorian Calendar, which was adopted in the West in the 14th century. This effects the date of the Spring Equinox, which the Council had set to always be on March 21st (now April 3rd on the Julian Calendar).

What does this have to do with Easter? Well, Passover is to be celebrated after the first full moon after the Equinox. Therefore, Pascha is to be celebrated after the first full moon after the Equinox. If you follow the calendar from the time of Christ, that means that Pascha would be the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after April 3rd (in today's world),and therefore always after Passover. If you follow the Gregorian Calendar, it would be the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after March 21st.

It should be noted that the Orthodox Pascha never falls before the Jewish Passover for this reason, but the Western Easter often does, like this year for example. Occasionally, we celebrate Pascha on the same day, solely dependent on the lunar cycle. There are also cycles for the dates that are involved, a 19 year cycle in the East,and an 84 year cycle in the West, but these can just confuse the subject.

So, for all of my non-Orthodox friends, have a Happy Easter this weekend!!!

Mar 25, 2008


So we are copycats because on my friend Malena's blog her 1 year old is posing with her walker. Hannah hasn't had anything like that yet and since she's showing a little interest in trying to get around, we bought her the same one. She loves it.
It also converts to a little car!
Off and running.
I said she wasn't smiling for the camera anymore but this day she did so I figured I'd post these.
Another outfit from Grandma by the way. : )

Mar 22, 2008

Friends and fun.

This past Thursday Hannah and I went to visit Megan and her daughter Phoebe. Phoebe is very active for a 7 month old and really loved pawing at Hannah who was not amused. : )
Hannah got some close-up time with Bluebell the cat.
Phoebe and Megan shared this empty thermometer case bag and forth. It was the popular toy of the day.
Hannah has never been in one of these bouncy seats so she had a good time trying out this one.
This is for Grandma- one of the outfits she gave Hannah for her birthday. It's rare I get a smile for the camera anymore. She's become quite the serious girl.
Hannah discovered an Easter egg and loved doing this...
...playing in her "rock garden."
Another outfit from Grandma complete with some kind of ball room dancing pose. I think her shoes were a little slippery!

Mar 17, 2008

Projects and Highlights of Family Visit

Nana Anna's birthday fell on March 12. I felt sure she would appreciate my age adjustment on her wonderful homemade birthday cake.
Hannah and I built a fort out of couch cushions. She was interested for only a little bit but I had some fun crawling around.
Finally brave enough to crawl through the fort.
I mentioned before my next project would be to illustrate a children's poem. Well, it went a slightly different direction and I just sat down and drew something wacky, some kind of cartoonish land. I don't know what anything is in the picture-it just came out of my pen. I had fun coloring it in colored pencils. I have an idea to continue this and make a series but we'll see.
Yay! Grandma and Pa-paw came to visit!! The first order of business was to check out a new toy passed down from cousins. Hannah loves this little chair and end table. It lights up and plays music and she really thinks she's a big person now!
We took all of the family to the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville. Hannah was a content baby the whole time although she may be a little young to enjoy it all fully. Here are the grandparents leading her around the giraffe exhibit. (You can hardly get a shot of our family without having at least one other person in the picture taking another picture. We are big picture takers).
Unsure about the goat ready to stick his head through the hole. (Notice the other camera in ready position).
The Ryan- Stokes family.
The grandmothers and a baby ready to eat!
We were finally all together at home on the last day of my parents' visit so Hannah was able to open her birthday presents from her mom's side of the family.
A strawberry sweater!!
She loves her penguin from Aunt Mary Beth and family. She also received some puppy dog puppets, 2 books, and a fun interactive car dashboard. We're going to have to build onto the house just to house all of her toys. There is also the other option- 1 in and 1 out! We have to keep our sanity after all. In the meantime, Dax and I love to play with the toys just as much as Hannah so that will be a challenge.

Mar 11, 2008

March Week 2

Hannah's latest handiwork just when I thought she was finished.

This morning it was very foggy outside but the view behind our house was very pretty.

This is Hannah in the dress Anna made for her. She wore it to church this past Sunday. The fact she was given nail clippers distracts her from pulling out her hair barrette!

Mar 8, 2008

Snow and Silliness

These pictures are of us in the snowstorm Thursday afternoon. Hannah finally got to wear her winter coat she received from Paige and Robert! It was a little big so the hat wouldn't stay on but don't worry..we were only out for a couple of minutes. : ) I'm sure she can wear it next year too.

This is Hannah's wrestling face she does primarily at dinner for some reason...maybe getting out the stress of the day! She clenches her fist and and teeth and sometimes even growls.

We played dress-up today with the winter wear Hannah kept pulling out of the corner so she ended up looking like some kind of seal and looked really funny flopping around.

Mar 6, 2008

Hannah's Birthday

This is really the day before her birthday, but this is the blue monkey Hannah has become attached to. She looks for it every morning. My friend Megan gave it to her when she was a few months old.
Sailing away with her monkey.
On her birthday Hannah took a bath and tried a new hairstyle before starting the day.
We went to the mall to play! Here she is checking out the behind of this giraffe.
A tall order!
After staying at the kid zone for awhile we visited animals at the pet store and treated ourselves to lunch at the Cotton Patch where she had her favorites- green beans, carrots, broccoli, and cinnamon apples. Yum.
Big presents for such a little person.
First taste of cake...or really anything sugary. She couldn't get enough of the icing,

Hannah and me.
Nana and Hannah.
Dax and Hannah.
Playing with one of her new toys. She received a barnyard set, electronic book, Mozart Music Cube, a handmade dress, pink sandals, and a swing for the yard. It was a great day : )


It was 80 degrees on Saturday, snowed on Monday, 65 on Wednesday and is now snowing on Thursday! Here are some pictures of our snow adventures so far.

Front Yard

Back Yard