Mar 25, 2008


So we are copycats because on my friend Malena's blog her 1 year old is posing with her walker. Hannah hasn't had anything like that yet and since she's showing a little interest in trying to get around, we bought her the same one. She loves it.
It also converts to a little car!
Off and running.
I said she wasn't smiling for the camera anymore but this day she did so I figured I'd post these.
Another outfit from Grandma by the way. : )


Kevin and Malena said...

I love that Hannah loves her walker too! Anna's not sure about the little car conversion...although she likes it when Daddy pushed her around on the car. But she likes the walker most of all! I'm so glad you found one! (Anna's starting to take more steps on her own these past couple of days! I'm excited, and then scared that I won't sit down again for a couple of years.)
By the way, Anna has a similar sweater from her Grandma--but it's yellow!

melody said...

ooh i love that drawing you did!!