Mar 6, 2008

Hannah's Birthday

This is really the day before her birthday, but this is the blue monkey Hannah has become attached to. She looks for it every morning. My friend Megan gave it to her when she was a few months old.
Sailing away with her monkey.
On her birthday Hannah took a bath and tried a new hairstyle before starting the day.
We went to the mall to play! Here she is checking out the behind of this giraffe.
A tall order!
After staying at the kid zone for awhile we visited animals at the pet store and treated ourselves to lunch at the Cotton Patch where she had her favorites- green beans, carrots, broccoli, and cinnamon apples. Yum.
Big presents for such a little person.
First taste of cake...or really anything sugary. She couldn't get enough of the icing,

Hannah and me.
Nana and Hannah.
Dax and Hannah.
Playing with one of her new toys. She received a barnyard set, electronic book, Mozart Music Cube, a handmade dress, pink sandals, and a swing for the yard. It was a great day : )

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melody said...

aww i didn't want the pictures to end! hannah is so cute!