Mar 17, 2008

Projects and Highlights of Family Visit

Nana Anna's birthday fell on March 12. I felt sure she would appreciate my age adjustment on her wonderful homemade birthday cake.
Hannah and I built a fort out of couch cushions. She was interested for only a little bit but I had some fun crawling around.
Finally brave enough to crawl through the fort.
I mentioned before my next project would be to illustrate a children's poem. Well, it went a slightly different direction and I just sat down and drew something wacky, some kind of cartoonish land. I don't know what anything is in the picture-it just came out of my pen. I had fun coloring it in colored pencils. I have an idea to continue this and make a series but we'll see.
Yay! Grandma and Pa-paw came to visit!! The first order of business was to check out a new toy passed down from cousins. Hannah loves this little chair and end table. It lights up and plays music and she really thinks she's a big person now!
We took all of the family to the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville. Hannah was a content baby the whole time although she may be a little young to enjoy it all fully. Here are the grandparents leading her around the giraffe exhibit. (You can hardly get a shot of our family without having at least one other person in the picture taking another picture. We are big picture takers).
Unsure about the goat ready to stick his head through the hole. (Notice the other camera in ready position).
The Ryan- Stokes family.
The grandmothers and a baby ready to eat!
We were finally all together at home on the last day of my parents' visit so Hannah was able to open her birthday presents from her mom's side of the family.
A strawberry sweater!!
She loves her penguin from Aunt Mary Beth and family. She also received some puppy dog puppets, 2 books, and a fun interactive car dashboard. We're going to have to build onto the house just to house all of her toys. There is also the other option- 1 in and 1 out! We have to keep our sanity after all. In the meantime, Dax and I love to play with the toys just as much as Hannah so that will be a challenge.

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The Robertson Family said...

Kayla picked out the penquin! Glad she liked it! :)