Mar 8, 2008

Snow and Silliness

These pictures are of us in the snowstorm Thursday afternoon. Hannah finally got to wear her winter coat she received from Paige and Robert! It was a little big so the hat wouldn't stay on but don't worry..we were only out for a couple of minutes. : ) I'm sure she can wear it next year too.

This is Hannah's wrestling face she does primarily at dinner for some reason...maybe getting out the stress of the day! She clenches her fist and and teeth and sometimes even growls.

We played dress-up today with the winter wear Hannah kept pulling out of the corner so she ended up looking like some kind of seal and looked really funny flopping around.


melody said...

haha that's so funny about her angry face!

Kevin and Malena said...

Anna does this same thing sometimes! I know, you're terribly surprised by that...