Mar 28, 2008

Some of the young moms from church got together for lunch and the babies had a good time together. From the left: Lauren (expecting in June) Hannah who is clothesless due to a messy lunch, Emmanuel, his sister Eden and mom Lois, Adrian and baby Xaviera.
This is Hannah with Dr. Noble, the doctor who delivered her over a year ago. I was excited to see him again because he's such a great person and wonderful doctor. Why did we go see him? We're having another one!! This one plans to arrive on October 31.
Hannah's original picture with Dr. Noble.
Since we won't see some family for awhile here is what is now the 3/4 inch little beginning.
The due date on here is a little different but we were told to keep the original one.


gioiarioia said...

I'm either an April Fool or very excited for you! Either way it's pretty fun!

Kevin and Malena said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! How are you feeling? Wow--so exciting.

gioiarioia said...

Oh - about that due date... All I have to say is "Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen" (remember?)

Amy said...

YEAH! Another little baby Stokes! I am excited for you, and it will be around Halloween - my favorite holiday! CONGRATS!!!!