Mar 22, 2008

Friends and fun.

This past Thursday Hannah and I went to visit Megan and her daughter Phoebe. Phoebe is very active for a 7 month old and really loved pawing at Hannah who was not amused. : )
Hannah got some close-up time with Bluebell the cat.
Phoebe and Megan shared this empty thermometer case bag and forth. It was the popular toy of the day.
Hannah has never been in one of these bouncy seats so she had a good time trying out this one.
This is for Grandma- one of the outfits she gave Hannah for her birthday. It's rare I get a smile for the camera anymore. She's become quite the serious girl.
Hannah discovered an Easter egg and loved doing this...
...playing in her "rock garden."
Another outfit from Grandma complete with some kind of ball room dancing pose. I think her shoes were a little slippery!

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Kevin and Malena said...

LOVE the ballroom dancing pose! She is getting so tall! Her hair seems to be growing so fast too. Anna's hair is not, although we've noticed it's getting thicker lately. She started this very cute imitating phase. Yesterday at lunch, I had my head resting on my hand...and I looked over at her, and she was doing the same thing--while looking at me and smiling. Aren't 1 year olds funny?
Of course, you wouldn't know it in pictures because she doesn't smile for the camera anymore...