Apr 30, 2008

Like Baby Like Weasel

Two of a kind.
Hannah's godmother Paige sent her a bunch of goodies in the mail. She got a bib, hat, Strawberry Shortcake bathing suit, and book. That makes me smile because I had the Strawberry Shortcake bedroom set when I was little- full circle I guess.
You're not fooling anyone, Jackson the bear.
I planted my first flower bed! This is not much to some people but it is to me.
So in order to construct my mini-masterpiece that will look better when everything fills out, I looked through my Texas flowers book and made a list of 40 different plants that met my criteria. The family took a trip to Lowe's and I decided to see how many matches I could find to my list. I found none. However, I did find these which I loved and they all turned out to have fun names: Lemon Frost Dead Nettle, Emerald Blue Moss Phlox, Jim Crocket Star Aster, Blue Heaven Hydrangea, and Husker Red Beard Tongue.

Dax decided on a grill for his birthday and Leif was kind enough to help him put it together and cart our other one over to Anna who had a hankering for some grilling herself.Complete!

Meanwhile, Hannah explored her new play set which Leif and Dax also put together. It was actually more difficult than it looks. Frieda from church gave it to us last spring when her grandkids grew out of it and Hannah is just now old enough to use it.Sliding all by herself.

Apr 28, 2008

Easter and Other

It's been a few days since I've posted but I could not find the cord to hook the camera to the computer. Dax found the cord in a basket where I had specially put it in order to find it again easily. In this picture I was potting plants in the front yard and gave Hannah a pot of her own so she would stop digging up the seeds in mine. I had suspicions this would happen. She's just like her Aunt Melody.

Sleeping with her new weasel. She fell in love with it at the store and we found out we are spoiling her after all.
An action shot of Hannah knocking down Dax's block tower.
I took this because we've been saying Hannah's hair makes her look like a blond Moe from the 3 Stooges.
Easter! Our Easter (Pascha) was yesterday. Here is Hannah at church with her Easter basket and her new dress.

Bunny ears!
We had a short service in the afternoon before the picnic. These are the men in the choir. There are 4 women that sing also and everyone sounded really great the night before. Our 3-4 hour service begins Saturday night around 11:30 and we stay until about 4:30 in the morning (after we have huge plates of meat and dairy everyone has been fasting from for 40 days! Hannah slept some of the time but was restless so she and I heard most of the service from our rocking chair upstairs. We came down for parts of it and Hannah had a good time. Surprisingly she caught up on sleep easily and is on her normal schedule so that's good. (And no it's not a requirement that all the men in church have facial hair! They just do for some reason. : )
Father Justin finishing up the afternoon service.
It's tradition to roast a lamb so here is this year's roasting away in the church backyard. I never try it but everyone said it was delicious. Dax was in charge of ordering and picking up the lamb and had a tough time finding a cooler big enough to store it in!
Time for the Easter egg hunt. After Nana showed her what to do, Hannah was a pro and putting her eggs in the basket.

The end!!

Apr 16, 2008

Thinking of a Green Thumb

Ever since I can remember I have not cared much about plants. It was my least favorite part of science class and I though it was pretty boring. Until now. Suddenly I want to have a garden and I'm tired of our potentially wonderful backyard just sitting there surrounded in weeds. I've decided to start slow because I usually jump into things quickly and buy everything I can. I started slow with my quilting project and it turned out well the first time- go figure. Anyway, I really wanted to start with herbs and maybe a couple of potted plants to keep outdoors. It was really difficult for some reason to find simple information about how to choose plants for a beginner gardener. After sifting through various sites, etc. and finally opening the Dummy's Guide to Gardening I asked for 2 years ago, I decided on a Hosta...pictured below. It's not potted yet, but I think it's the prettiest little plant. Anna also gave me some of her herbs and at last weekend's garage sale trip I found a pot just right...also pictured below. She gave be parsley, rosemary, basil, I think thyme, and I'll have to ask about the other. I really want chives too. Are you snoozing yet? I can't wait to use them on food once my normal appetite comes back- who knows when. Right now all I want is cheese.

This is a little bird house I liked at a thrift store- maybe a new collection?
This is a sequence of Hannah saying, "Come on, Daddy, come on!"

Apr 12, 2008

New Things Every Day

Hannah loves to go outside. On this day Dax was mowing so she really wanted to be part of the action. I guess she's figured out how the door works now.

Up until now Hannah has hated wearing hats. The other day though I put on my hat and she acted really excited. I gave her one too and she was perfectly pleased to have it on. Now she will bring me one of her hats out of her hat bucket.
We decided to go for a walk and as she ate goldfish and I tried to explain quantum physics, this is the look I got.
It looks like she's getting inventive. She swiped a diaper from the side of her crib to use as a pillow. I usually give her a stuffed animal to fall asleep with if she's fussy and take it away later-still paranoid about safety. Maybe it needs to be an every night thing. :)

Apr 7, 2008

Spring is here...

We're finally getting some consistent warm weather so Hannah was able to wear Grandma's favorite peach dress to church.
She's proud of standing all alone in a springy Nana outfit.
Hannah's not walking alone yet but loves to walk if you hold her hand.
She wouldn't let go of this stick.
This was a birthday present from Nana. I put it up the best I could- maybe not an attractive set up but it's very secure! Pay no attention to the 10 feet of extra rope hiding behind the tree.

Apr 4, 2008

Forming New Relationships

Hannah has some new friends around the house. She loves the fridge magnets and converses with them frequently.
Hannah has been unsure of Vacuum since she first encountered it. She never quite minded it being on, but was always really unsettled at it just sitting there looking at her. She has become braver and now pets it hesitantly.
Hannah has always loved water bottles, but since Nana has given us a ton of free water in much bigger bottles she's been even more interested. She spends her time taking its cap on and off and occasionally seeing if it will fit in her mouth. She also enjoys putting her uneaten goldfish into the bottles and shaking them.