Apr 28, 2008

Easter and Other

It's been a few days since I've posted but I could not find the cord to hook the camera to the computer. Dax found the cord in a basket where I had specially put it in order to find it again easily. In this picture I was potting plants in the front yard and gave Hannah a pot of her own so she would stop digging up the seeds in mine. I had suspicions this would happen. She's just like her Aunt Melody.

Sleeping with her new weasel. She fell in love with it at the store and we found out we are spoiling her after all.
An action shot of Hannah knocking down Dax's block tower.
I took this because we've been saying Hannah's hair makes her look like a blond Moe from the 3 Stooges.
Easter! Our Easter (Pascha) was yesterday. Here is Hannah at church with her Easter basket and her new dress.

Bunny ears!
We had a short service in the afternoon before the picnic. These are the men in the choir. There are 4 women that sing also and everyone sounded really great the night before. Our 3-4 hour service begins Saturday night around 11:30 and we stay until about 4:30 in the morning (after we have huge plates of meat and dairy everyone has been fasting from for 40 days! Hannah slept some of the time but was restless so she and I heard most of the service from our rocking chair upstairs. We came down for parts of it and Hannah had a good time. Surprisingly she caught up on sleep easily and is on her normal schedule so that's good. (And no it's not a requirement that all the men in church have facial hair! They just do for some reason. : )
Father Justin finishing up the afternoon service.
It's tradition to roast a lamb so here is this year's roasting away in the church backyard. I never try it but everyone said it was delicious. Dax was in charge of ordering and picking up the lamb and had a tough time finding a cooler big enough to store it in!
Time for the Easter egg hunt. After Nana showed her what to do, Hannah was a pro and putting her eggs in the basket.

The end!!

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