Apr 30, 2008

Like Baby Like Weasel

Two of a kind.
Hannah's godmother Paige sent her a bunch of goodies in the mail. She got a bib, hat, Strawberry Shortcake bathing suit, and book. That makes me smile because I had the Strawberry Shortcake bedroom set when I was little- full circle I guess.
You're not fooling anyone, Jackson the bear.
I planted my first flower bed! This is not much to some people but it is to me.
So in order to construct my mini-masterpiece that will look better when everything fills out, I looked through my Texas flowers book and made a list of 40 different plants that met my criteria. The family took a trip to Lowe's and I decided to see how many matches I could find to my list. I found none. However, I did find these which I loved and they all turned out to have fun names: Lemon Frost Dead Nettle, Emerald Blue Moss Phlox, Jim Crocket Star Aster, Blue Heaven Hydrangea, and Husker Red Beard Tongue.

Dax decided on a grill for his birthday and Leif was kind enough to help him put it together and cart our other one over to Anna who had a hankering for some grilling herself.Complete!

Meanwhile, Hannah explored her new play set which Leif and Dax also put together. It was actually more difficult than it looks. Frieda from church gave it to us last spring when her grandkids grew out of it and Hannah is just now old enough to use it.Sliding all by herself.

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