Apr 12, 2008

New Things Every Day

Hannah loves to go outside. On this day Dax was mowing so she really wanted to be part of the action. I guess she's figured out how the door works now.

Up until now Hannah has hated wearing hats. The other day though I put on my hat and she acted really excited. I gave her one too and she was perfectly pleased to have it on. Now she will bring me one of her hats out of her hat bucket.
We decided to go for a walk and as she ate goldfish and I tried to explain quantum physics, this is the look I got.
It looks like she's getting inventive. She swiped a diaper from the side of her crib to use as a pillow. I usually give her a stuffed animal to fall asleep with if she's fussy and take it away later-still paranoid about safety. Maybe it needs to be an every night thing. :)

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melody said...

hah! she's funny!