Apr 7, 2008

Spring is here...

We're finally getting some consistent warm weather so Hannah was able to wear Grandma's favorite peach dress to church.
She's proud of standing all alone in a springy Nana outfit.
Hannah's not walking alone yet but loves to walk if you hold her hand.
She wouldn't let go of this stick.
This was a birthday present from Nana. I put it up the best I could- maybe not an attractive set up but it's very secure! Pay no attention to the 10 feet of extra rope hiding behind the tree.


melody said...

haha! i love the picture of her standing there smiling! she has the cutest smile.

Kevin and Malena said...

Anna was standing and walking if you held her hand like 2 weeks ago--and now she's a walker!
It's just around the corner!

The Robertson Family said...

I could swing right now if someone would push me!