Apr 16, 2008

Thinking of a Green Thumb

Ever since I can remember I have not cared much about plants. It was my least favorite part of science class and I though it was pretty boring. Until now. Suddenly I want to have a garden and I'm tired of our potentially wonderful backyard just sitting there surrounded in weeds. I've decided to start slow because I usually jump into things quickly and buy everything I can. I started slow with my quilting project and it turned out well the first time- go figure. Anyway, I really wanted to start with herbs and maybe a couple of potted plants to keep outdoors. It was really difficult for some reason to find simple information about how to choose plants for a beginner gardener. After sifting through various sites, etc. and finally opening the Dummy's Guide to Gardening I asked for 2 years ago, I decided on a Hosta...pictured below. It's not potted yet, but I think it's the prettiest little plant. Anna also gave me some of her herbs and at last weekend's garage sale trip I found a pot just right...also pictured below. She gave be parsley, rosemary, basil, I think thyme, and I'll have to ask about the other. I really want chives too. Are you snoozing yet? I can't wait to use them on food once my normal appetite comes back- who knows when. Right now all I want is cheese.

This is a little bird house I liked at a thrift store- maybe a new collection?
This is a sequence of Hannah saying, "Come on, Daddy, come on!"


gioiarioia said...

By normal appetite, you mean cheese AND chocolate, right???

Anonymous said...

Gardening is scary. So far I've killed a palm tree and two little spidery plants.

Is this chocolate and cheese thing part of your pregnancy? Hmmm... maybe I've been pregnant my whole life... should have listened to my dad about not eating those blasted watermelon seeds...

:) Leah

melody said...

haha- i understand how plants are exciting... i went to home depot, and i ended up looking around at them forever! and i've been wanting to grow my own herbs to put on my food and stuff! that's part of why i'm excited to move into a house, so i can start a garden. and i want to eventually grow my own vegetables, too!