May 30, 2008

New Adventures- End of May

WARNING: Really long post ahead. We've had lots to do! Last Sunday we went to the Scarborough Fair in Waxahachie. This is me working on my bow hunting skills.
Dax and I are lost in the maze. We soon gave up and moved on.
After Dax and I shot our arrows, we discovered Hannah watching Nana get a henna tattoo.
Hannah's first llama ride. She loved it but had trouble staying on so needed some extra help!
Besides keeping her from stepping in you know what and grabbing the animals' tails we had a good time showing Hannah all the fun creatures in the petting zoo area. She especially loved chasing the ducks.
A man dressed as a lord presented Hannah with this small "good luck bead" as we watched a demonstration. It was immediately taken away of course although the gesture was appreciated-haha. A bead is not such a good gift for a 1 year old...
Tons of people had on costumes, most a little more revealing than necessary if you ask me, but this one was pretty cool- a giant ogre with a prisoner. The man on the right was the ogre's master and bossed him around.
Monday we went to the Memorial Day picnic at church. Hannah immediately picked up nature's best toddler toy- a stick.
Fun on the playground.
Normally the church rents a huge bounce house for the kids but the little ones were never able to participate. This year they also had a mini-bounce house. I hesitatingly put Hannah through the little entrance expecting a wail as soon as she fell over, but instead she laughed and had a great time falling down on purpose! You never know I guess.
Dax has a famous watermelon picture taken by his dad when he was little so we are passing down the tradition. Same eyes.
Hannah having her face painted- a little strawberry to match her strawberry shirt.
Monday night we drove to Hope, Arkansas and Hannah spent her first night in a hotel. She had a little too much fun and had to settle down but it was successful. : ) The next morning we finished the drive to Memphis to visit my family for a couple of days. Papaw immediately showed Hannah the piano and refusing to bang on it like a typical kid, she carefully chose some black notes both low and high.
Grandma's home! Later that evening we went to our favorite restaurant- O Charley's!
We have to have fried cheese wedges! After Hannah went to sleep I went with my parents to see Indiana Jones. We see a movie or two every time we visit.
The next morning we all went to the Memphis Zoo, one of the best around. Hannah has only been to a smaller zoo so this was her first time to see a lot of the animals. Often, though, we would think she was really excited about the hippo or elephant only to find her staring at an unusual rock or another baby.
Hannah and her cousins, Preston and Kayla.
Here is the whole family together at the zoo. We are missing Mary Beth's husband Chris and my other sister Melody. We wish they could have been there.
All in a row.
I just thought these were really pretty.
By the waterfall. I'm looking a little bigger these days but in this picture I will blame it on the shirt.
You have to have a picture of monkey if you go to the zoo.
A fun tree hideaway.
Me being goofy.
Hannah having too much fun on Dax's shoulders.
After the zoo we visited my grandmothers who haven't seen Hannah since Christmas. Hannah was a little unsure of Mamaw at first but had fun playing with her telephone and messing with everything in sight.
On to Granny's house. Granny has a playroom. All of us grew up playing in this room and most of the old toys are still there including the Mickey Mouse telephone that hasn't worked since I was 5.
That night we went to Olive Garden to celebrate (a week later) my Dad's birthday. He kept urging us to go on home ahead of him but we knew there was a cake on it's way. He was surprised and they sang some kind of birthday chant we couldn't follow.
The next day we went to Corky's Barbecue for lunch since Dax had real pork barbecue on his mind for days. After that I took Hannah over to see Mary Beth's new house and she got to play with her cousins.
Me being silly again- a wrestling champion I am not. We headed back that evening and stayed at the hotel. Hannah was restless about getting to sleep and a couple of hours after we all sacked out, we jumped up hearing a huge crash in the room. The whole front of the air conditioning unit had fallen on the floor! Hannah woke up at 6:15 so not much sleep that night! She was very good for the trip back and we are safely back home.

May 22, 2008

Swimming Fun

In her excitement, she heads the wrong way.
Happy to be outside.
She discovered the little pool and enjoyed splashing from a safe distance for awhile.
Success!! This also turned out to be the smallest pool ever.
She finally commits and we had a fun time playing.
Apparently this is where we store carrots now. ?
This is some material Dax picked out. Hannah loves the bean bag chairs at the local library.
I found a baby sized bean bag at a consignment sale but it had a Dora the Explorer cover which had a mysterious stain. I tried to copy the pattern and removed the old cover, sewing up a new one out of this material.
One of Hannah's dogs tries out the little chair since I finished after her bedtime. We'll see how she likes it tomorrow morning as a surprise!

May 18, 2008

Hannah, Amy, and Friends

Hannah seemed bored with her toys one day so we played a few rounds of poker. She looks much older in this picture for some reason. I guess the poker brings that out in her.
My friend Megan came for a visit and brought her 9 month old, Phoebe. As you can see, the girls don't have much interest in each other yet, but we hope they'll be as good friends as we are.
Lots of play time.
Hannah's Friday sitter brought along her daughter and granddaughter to hang out with Hannah. Xaviera and Hannah are one day apart in age and must have called each other before the visit to coordinate their outfits.
Myself and composer Donald Grantham! He was commissioned to write a piece for the Lone Star Wind Orchestra of which I am a member. During his visit he agreed to a composer seminar at which several of us played some of his chamber music and all joined in a question/answer session. I played a horn/marimba duet, one movement called "Three Maries at the Tomb" based on a larger piece called Music for Blanton, each movement featuring separate instruments, each representing various paintings in the Blanton Museum in Austin, TX.
Dr. Grantham is giving us instruction on his piece. I was excited to meet him since I've spent time on many of his pieces over the last 10 years and I've loved every one of them- even listen to them for fun pretty often. I've recorded: Variations on an American Cavalry Song, Don't You See?, and J.S. Dances. I've performed J'ai ete au bal, Bum's Rush, Southern Harmony, and Lone Star Twister.
Our horn section- strictly Amy's and Heather's. We are even paired that way most of the time.
We are warming up for rehearsal but I'm not sure they're too pleased I took this photo without warning them first.

May 9, 2008


Around lunchtime for the last couple of days 2 of these vulture-like creatures are to be found beside the road behind our house- waiting for roadkill I guess! Even though it looks small in the picture these birds are at least thigh high and who knows what their wing span is.
A friend gave us a new car seat for Hannah which she has excitedly adopted as her living room recliner.
Dax's birthday cook-out last weekend was a success. Most of the guests were from church but some work friends and UNT friends were also able to come.
I made these pillows!!
Hannah's new reading corner.
Again with the chair- but this time in a cozy blanket.
I was wondering when she was going to get herself stuck somewhere. It's about time. : )