Jun 23, 2008

It's a.....

Hannah will have a little sister later this fall!
Here is the latest ultrasound. If you have trouble deciphering, the baby takes up the whole picture. She's on her back looking up to the right. On the right of the photo is her hand. She's waving just like Hannah did in her picture.

Daddy and daughter hard at working putting together church choir folders.
A random 20 minute storm blew through last week. I heard a slight scraping on our deck and assumed it was Hannah's little swimming pool just being blown across. When we went in the kitchen for lunch I saw this in the backyard instead. Other than needing to cut it apart before it kills the grass, this is actually a good thing. We were worried this limb was going to take over the deck roof and now we have space!
If there is a garage sale in our neighborhood on Saturday morning we usually take a walk together to look around. Down the street someone was selling this puzzle of the UT (Knoxville) football championship game which we attended because we were in the marching band. We thought that was pretty cool to find in a random garage sale in Texas. Dax told the homeowner we went to Tennessee and might be the only ones to buy the puzzle thinking that might be of interest but she just smiled politely. Oh well! The funny thing is that if we were living in Tennessee we probably would never have given this puzzle a second look since this kind of thing is everywhere you look. That's how the brain works I guess. I'm sure we'll have a good time with it.


Leah said...

Yay! I love the picture of Hannah with the balloon. She looks so surprised :)

gioiarioia said...

Congrats! Time to start thinking up some names, I guess! Joy is a good one.