Jun 9, 2008

June Begins

Hannah with her new table set. We found this at a garage sale for $10! She feels like a big girl now. We also bought her a little boom box for her room since she has a small cd collection now.
First thing in the morning she points to it on the shelf and wants to press the blue play button. When the tinkly Baby Einstein music begins, so does her head-banging and other interesting dance moves.
My sisters and I each had one of these framed when we were younger. My mom bought this at our hometown fair and now all of our kids have them too.
Ready for church!
She likes to walk to the car all by herself now.
I found out there was a little park on Lake Lewisville near our house. After an unexpected off-road type experience (and the discovery that there was a paved way to get there too) we played by the water for awhile. My favorite thing in the world is to see these two holding hands and walking along happily.
You just can't recover from some bad hair days.
Can we say someone was extremely pleased with her yogurty dessert?

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