Jun 15, 2008

Summer so far

Hannah and buddies (Phoebe and Brenna). It's funny- when we go anywhere where other babies are present, Hannah goes wild for them, chatters, etc. But every time we actually arrange a play date all the babies ignore each other. We still have a good time though : )
This was her first time in a pool any bigger than an inch tall and she loved it. We even bought her her own large ball since she loved this blue one so much- spoiled spoiled!!
Hannah's arrived at the shoe phase. She loves to try on my shoes, especially these because they stay on her feet better than most.
More shoes!
Hannah in her gardening garb.
We cooked out some lovely steaks for father's day. We also got to watch Dax in his karate class Saturday. She loved watching him kick and punch but loved the table with crayons and markers even more. He tests for his 2nd black belt in July.

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