Jul 22, 2008

At Play

These pictures are of Hannah just around the house. Dax and I will go to San Antonio for my concert this weekend so I'll have more pictures of other things going on soon. : )

After Hannah's nap we typically read books if we're not heading out the door. On this day, I ended up dozing off in her floor and opened my eyes to find this. Several books were on my head. Here she says" What's the big deal?" She's getting pretty good at helping me pick up though.
Hiding places- this is a favorite while we all put up laundry.
I've been wanting to get Hannah some Mega-Blocks for awhile. She always has so much fun with them when she sees them elsewhere. After we went to Mother Goose Time we headed to the store. I've also been looking for things to help her have more creative play. It seems most of her toys have buttons to push and the toy does the rest.
Happy. I tried to build a cool castle but it kept getting torn down. Well, she'll have to deal with that soon herself!
She was very pleased about this little tower she built. She kept placing it on different surfaces and cheering excitedly.
Mommy and daughter having nice days at home.


melody said...

aww that's the cutest picture of the two of you!!!
and i laughed thinking about her placing that tower in different places... haha!! that's really funny!

Kevin and Malena said...

LOVE that pic with the books. It's happened in our house several times. Ha, ha!

The Robertson Family said...

She is looking more like Preston everyday! Yeah get use to all the books on the floor! And when the blocks start falling, here come the screams!