Jul 5, 2008

Back in the swing of things.

I'm finally finished. After 3 weeks of playing every day with this group we have given 4 concerts, played for 40 conductors and recorded 45? pieces due to be released this December. This is the recording "booth" while we were on break. Eugene Corporon, the conductor, is on the right, and Jack Stamp, the producer and also composer and conductor, is on the far left. I had a great time and really enjoyed getting to play so much.
Horn section.
Here is the performance hall we record in.
Some of the horn players lovingly preparing my birthday celebration during our last day of recording.
I wish for....
Heather brought us all play-do in true silly horn player fashion. I molded mine into a little man playing the horn of all things. He is working on his tutti Shostakovich 5 excerpt.
Later, Anna made us a lovely dinner and here Hannah is enjoying my birthday flowers.
I got a sewing machine!!! Also some sewing stuff and things, kitchen stuff, and the ever coveted Walmart gift card!!! Mother kept Hannah the whole week of recording sessions and one day I noticed a little bit of glitter on her face when I got home. I didn't think much of it, but later opened 2 glittery birthday cards one signed by Hannah herself which explained it all.
Anna's lovely cake.
4th of July! Hannah in her festive attire.
She wasn't as interested in the flag as I hoped she would be....this is the only picture where she is not swatting at it with malcontent.
Riding a pony! Although I felt strange about them being dyed different crazy colors.
After much debate we decided to brave the heat and Hannah's bedtime and stay out for fireworks. Hannah's name day is the 5th so there was a Vespers service that evening for St. Elizabeth the New Martyr. We attended that, played a little basketball, and then walked down to campus where they hold the fireworks show.
Hannah did really well for being up so late past her bedtime. She's also cutting some molars and not eating well the past couple of days. Regardless, she was in good spirits and is enjoying one of her many phone conversations with herself while she waits (unknowingly) for the show.
Daddy and daughter enjoying the fireworks. : )


melody said...

yay! i've been waiting for an update!

theprestons said...

Amy Ryan...Stokes!! Hey this is Jill Cummings Preston from C'ville. I saw your comment on Wade's blog tonight, I was excited to see that you have a blog. How are you girl? Congratulations on the pregnancy. I had a little boy last August (I am ready for another too). Send me a note sometime and let's catch up.