Jul 12, 2008

Bigger Accomplishments

Today Dax tested for his 1st degree black belt! This means a white stripe is added to his belt since he originally earned his black belt in a similar martial art many years ago. This is a marathon test since so many people were there and they rotate which areas and belts test. Dax was there from 12:30 to 6:00!
While awaiting the show and sitting with Nana, Hannah turned around and fell in love with....this random lady and held out her arms begging to go to her! This lady was happy to have her for awhile since her own grandkids (Canyon and Timber- interesting names) were much older.
After completing several forms for the panel, he had to do some kind of very quick upper body defense attack movements that looked very choreographed. You can tell I'm an expert.
Cool action shot.
Next they stand in line and exhibit all the various kicks. It was at this point everyone looked completely worn out and the crowd cheered them on.
Next was the series of self defense moves. Dax taught me a couple of them awhile back so I did recognize something here.
..about to bring this guy to his knees.
Finally he had to spar 3 rounds. This section always looks scary to me and it's a free for all with your skills. You can tell from the all the padding you might get hit pretty hard.
Hannah was very good and a little a restless as to be expected, but she had fun imitating kicks, shouting "heeya!" in a tiny voice, clapping with the crowd, and singing Itsy Bitsy Spider to herself- mostly humming and hand motions. Here she is wearing her supportive "I Love Daddy" t-shirt.
Dax receives his stripe from Master Humphrey, his instructor.
On a different note, we found an outfit for the new baby the other day. She has so many clothes already but Dax and I bought something together for Hannah before she was born so we wanted to continue the tradition. We're still not 100% on the name. I have been stuck on Chloe Rebecca Stokes for awhile now. Some family members aren't that in love with Chloe but prefer Rebecca Elise Stokes more. We would probably call her Becca in that case. I like both but I'm not ready to give up on Chloe yet. sigh...you just can't make everyone happy : )
I just thought this picture was cute from the park the other day. There was also a horse and Hannah ran up to it yelling "Neeeiggghh!!!" in the deep growly voice she has chosen for horse noises.


melody said...

yay! i'm so proud of dax! he seems to be working really hard and doing really well with all of that stuff!!
and that's funny about hannah and the lady...
and she looks so cute!

Kevin and Malena said...

Chloe's a great name! Go with your heart. You'll know when you see her. Great pictures! Congrats to Dax--what an accomplishment! I'm very impressed. We have GOT to get Anna and Hannah together...

The Robertson Family said...

I say it's your child so name her what you want!!!! Yeah for Dax! It looks fun to watch and I can just hear Hannah's voice!

Megan said...

Please don't acll the baby Becca...i have a bad association with that name and I will never be able to look at her. just kidding. I actually do really prefer Chloe and I did know a Becca that was quite creepy...more on that later. Dax looks very cool in his garb and doing his fancy footwok....I'm impressed. Must go...Phoebe has gotten into th office trash can : (