Jul 9, 2008

Little Accomplishments

Hannah has reached the 20 lb mark so now she is able to stretch out her legs and fit into her bigger, now forward- facing car seat. She doesn't have as much room to play but as soon as she grows a little more I think she'll like the front view much better.
Original quilt top from months ago.....
Finished quilt! I finished my first hand-made (doll sized ) quilt. I only used a machine for one
strip of the binding which would have been impossible to do otherwise. Lots of people said I was crazy for not wanting to machine the whole thing but I really enjoyed all the tedious work.. that's just me I guess.
Close up view of the quilt stitching. I just kind of invented the design as I went and it turned out well. I know some things to improve on now especially the binding but I'm happy about it anyway.
From the back.
The last quilt was for Hannah so the next will be for the baby. Here are the fabrics for that one. I'm still charting out the measurements on my handy graph tablet. I figure if I can finish this one successfully and in shorter time I'll be ready to start my bigger 2 quilt projects both from actual patterns..one for my mom and one for our house. Next one will be for Anna and then we'll see from there!
Hannah really liked her quilty gift.
It was however, soon exchanged for a bouncy ball.
Hannah is learning so much so fast. Here she is sitting in a big person's chair where she clearly feels important. This was just before I gave a couple of horn lessons at the house. I asked her how she liked the chair and she pointed to her nose....? Anyway, she knows many body parts- hair, eyes, ears, toes, teeth, and belly. We've been working on knees but she gets it mixed up with belly. Also, my mother gave her a set of Little Einstein picture cards. They are pretty large and each has a photo of a common item a baby might see. (It's already a little outdated with the phone with a cord and keypad. Hannah's never actually seen one!) I knew she could point to a couple of the cards if I asked her- "Where's the tree?" but today I tried all of the cards. She lost interest at the end but surprisingly pointed to every single card correctly!! She really had been listening all those times even if she hadn't shown recognition at the time. Being a proud mom, here is the list of items she knew the names for and pointed to: TABLE, CHAIR, TREE, FLOWER, CUP, TEDDY BEAR, PUZZLE, BED, SWING, REFRIGERATOR, CLOCK, PIANO, BOOK, BALL, and PHONE. Her extra features include swaying back and forth singing "ic, oc" (tic toc) for the clock and wiggling her fingers for the piano photo. : )

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