Jul 17, 2008

Little Girl

This was my sketched plan for the second baby's miniature quilt I invented. : )
I call it the Chloe design. : ) I ended up changing the center.
All pieced together. Now to back it, quilt it, and bind it. This part took three months less time than the first so I'm hoping the rest will go quickly also- although the quilting design will be more elaborate so that will take awhile. There are a couple of discrepancies in this but I'm enjoying learning as I go. My only problem now is I keep coming across new designs I want to try and get too far ahead of myself.
Hannah's hair has just now grown long enough for this little pony tail- so cute!! She's growing into a little girl now. Sad and happy about that.
Sweet, innocent face :)
The great thing is she doesn't know it's there most of the time like she did with hair clips. This morning she did find it though and brought me the little rubber band with her eyes squinted at me in a disapproving face- basically telling me she knew she had been tricked- so funny.
Couldn't resist this view.


melody said...

awwww!!!! heehee! these are the cutest little pictures of hannah!
make her stop growing for now so i can see her, and then she can start again. i don't like that i can't see all her phases of growth and learning... :(

and the quilt looks pretty!

The Robertson Family said...

I like her outfit! Do you think they have my size? Haha Cute ponytail.....Kayla still won't keep her hair back for long!

Kevin and Malena said...

What great pictures! She is so sweet! Anna's hair is not long enough for a ponytail--although she HATES anything in her hair, so we'll see how that goes. :)

Megan said...

I wish Phoebe had some hair. I am jealous of hannah's pony tail...it is so cute!