Jul 29, 2008

Mini Vacation

Dax and I have been looking forward to our mini-vacation to San Antonio. The Lone Star Wind Orchestra (the group I play in) had a concert Monday afternoon at the Texas Bandmasters Association Convention. It's a large event and great exposure for the group. Anna kept Hannah for Sunday night and Monday while Dax and I headed off. It is a requirement that we stop at Dax's favorite place on the way- the Czech Stop. This little gas station/store sells every kind of kolache you can think off, homemade breads, and plenty of desserts. We stopped here on the trip there and back. After much parking difficulty once we got to the hotel we decided to go for valet. It worked out much better. We were put in the Hilton Palasio Del Rio (sp?) which was really nice. At first we thought we had a whole suite to ourselves but even when confined to our own room we had plenty of space. After I warmed up a bit we headed out to find food on the famous Riverwalk. This is a running mini-river through downtown San Antonio lined with restaurants and shops. Every time I've been there it's been extremely crowded but after much wandering (and whining about walking by me) we found the place Dax was hoping for- all you can eat Bar-B-Que! It was very good food and I had a nice steak. We were planning on seeing a movie but that didn't quite pan out so we settled in at the hotel. Since we don't have cable and my favorite station is HGTV we watched some shows, I took a relaxing bath, and we ordered cheesecake and ate it in the comfy bed with silky sheets! That's all I ask for in a vacation! The next day I had a morning rehearsal so Dax visited the Alamo and bought some coins for his coin collection. The concert went very well and I think the audience really enjoyed it. I had fun playing the music- several challenging things but all the pieces were really nice to play.
Our grand finale was called The Glory and the Grandeur by Russell Peck, a triple percussion concerto. Here are the professors in rehearsal setting up their miles of equipment. They had very flashy and complicated parts so it was definitely visual entertainment as well.
Heather, myself, and Nancy- 3/4 of the horn section. Nothing can make me laugh as much as the company of of these two (with the exception of Megan of course). Most other people might find our conversations incomprehensible but we find ourselves pretty entertaining and never lack for something to talk about.
Hannah did well without us. In fact we talked to her on the phone and she simply laughed and returned the phone to Nana. I guess she wasn't very worried. We were very glad to see and hug her again. Today was her last Mother Goose day! She's been going to the same class almost every week since she was a few weeks old. When classes start up again in September she will be 18mo. and will graduate to Toddler Time. Here she is playing with the train table before class.
Hannah and Ms. Rebecca, her teacher these past months. Hannah loves her and Rebecca is always so nice even when Hannah tries to get into her prop bucket. At least she makes up for it by helping clean up!

Hannah's first art project..since she's now understanding that crayons are for drawing not chewing.

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The Robertson Family said...

Awe! Don't you hate it that parents always make bigger deal about leaving there kids for a couple of days and the kids think it is no biggy, probably a relief...a vacation for them too! I want some BBQ! uhhhh Silky sheets and HGTV sounds like a vacation for me too!