Aug 14, 2008


We are in the process of redoing Hannah's room complete with toddler bed, new paint, etc. so there is room for the new baby in there. I wanted to have a section of the wall painted with magnetic paint so Hannah could play with magnets- every baby's favorite past time. After figuring out the price of my idea I bought this $5 board instead and made fun magnets out of magazine clippings, laminating cards, and little wooden shapes. She found it the next morning and really loved it.

...about 5 seconds after she discovered this magnet.

I finished Chloe's doll quilt!

Closeup of butterflies on the butterfly fabric.

Flowers and other designs.

I'm making my mom a hand-sewn lap sized quilt (my first one using actual directions and the first one that isn't tiny) for her birthday. She's seen a couple of the blocks so far but there are a couple of new ones too. Before I learned about quilting I didn't realize that different blocks had different official names. This one is Waterwheel...

Churn Dash
Triple Rail
Log Cabin

Dax's car has been out of commission for a couple of days so while he takes my car to work Hannah and I have to think of things to do in the house all day. I've been trying to come up with some activities for her since so many toys nowadays just have buttons to push but don't offer many thinking skills. We tried a puzzle challenge. I got out all of her puzzles and dumped all the pieces into one box and handed them to her randomly one by one. I thought this might be too tough because they are all animals- zoo, pets, farm, etc. and some of the puzzles look similar. She did a great job and concentrated on the right puzzles. I only had to help her on 2 of the 45 pieces! I was really surprised. One of those she was convinced wasn't out there and ran to her room to find the puzzle. : ) Hard at work, studying the puzzles.


melody said...

wow!!!!!!! that quilt you finished is beautiful!! and the butterfly and flower stitching looks so good!
that's awesome about hannah and the puzzles! she's so smart!

Megan said...

I can't believe how clever you are...ok, I can believe t but I still am amazed sometimes. The magnet idea was so cute! and ofcourse your quilts are turning out great!

The Robertson Family said...

WOW! Busy Amy!