Aug 9, 2008

Goofy Hannah

Hannah had some unexpected fun outside the other day. It has been in the 100s but this particular morning it was cooler. While she was digging in the dirt I watered some plants (which have no hope of thriving anyway) so I sprayed a little in her direction. She was so excited that we just kept going and had a water party with our clothes on. In this picture her face says "Awesome!!!!" She loves to be outside and loves to be wet.
Dripping from.... everywhere.
Anytime Hannah is wet or undressed she sees the world in a whole new light and runs arund exploring everything like it was new. I guess its kind of like when you were young and got a new pair of shoes. Everything seemed different and new somehow! Haha.
Droopy shorts were inevitable.

We put together our own water slide. Normally she gets to the top of the slide and holds out her hand for support. This time she just pushed herself. I guess she was more motivated.

DCI: Dax and I aren't hard core fans of Drum Corps International like some but we do really enjoy watching the shows since we were both in marching band for so long. I really admire what they do and I've always loved anything that requires so much precision and perfection. On Thursday we were able to see the first night of finals at a nearby movie theater. We were there from 5 to 10 and to me the time flew by. I do have a favorite corps which is the Bergen County Cadets mainly because when I was younger I used to watch one of their shows over and over again- I loved it so much. Dax was nice enough to surprise me by ordering their video of all the years they have won, which include that year. The old tape has since been lost so I was excited about his gift. : ) All of this brought back so many memories.

Dax and I are radio stars now and have both been on the same program... well not really but sort of. On Fridays KERA in Dallas/Fort Worth has a program called Anything You Ever Wanted to Know. I've listened to it for years now. People can call or write in with any random questions or answers to the questions that were aired. While driving back from Memphis Dax heard a question that he was pretty sure he was the only one to know the answer to. He called in just at the last second. Someone wanted to know who wrote the theme music to another program on the station and Dax knew the piece. It was funny to hear his voice on the radio. Last week I wrote in asking if anyone knew where I could recycle VHS tapes in town. I've been putting some of our old home video concerts and random little things on DVD b/c these tubs are taking up so much space. I would keep them as back-ups but really most have about an hour of something and then 6 hours of random recorded tv. They read my question on the show and one lady wrote in to say I should keep them. She thought I meant family videos which I wouldn't get rid of anyway of course. Another man called in to inform me of the machine I could use to dub them to DVD. I appreciated his effort but that wasn't the question! haha. Well I haven't gotten an answer yet but they carry through week to week so you never know.

This is Hannah's new head shot for the next Batman auditions. Guess who she wants to play. : )
Dax's friend opened up a coffee shop on the town square so we went to the grand opening and got free berry smoothies. Hannah enjoyed it thoroughly.

Stylin!!! Today Dax and a friend went to a coin show in Grapevine so Hannah, Nana, and I went to the Grapevine Mall and had a good time browsing. Hannah left with a dog calendar, a dress, a matching sleeper for her and the new baby, and a Build-A-Bear teddy bear from Nana. We've been wanting to do that for awhile. We got some of the little sunglasses in the store and Hannah felt like a movie star after her bath tonight. I stood there at the certificate booth annoyingly for too long trying to think of a name so we decided on Sylvie since Nana loves to call any lady she meets Sylvia. Oh and Hannah was surprisingly disturbed at them sewing up the bear's back after they stuffed him(her). You would have thought she was watching a live surgery b/c she kept cringing and looking worried! She's funny.


The Robertson Family said...

Oh nooo not that drum tape I remember with purple Aladdin pants band! haha I have no idea what to do with old VHS tapes.You should google it!

melody said...

haha hannah!