Aug 25, 2008

Past Week

We had a nice week. Hannah and Dax had an evening out while I relaxed at home... Hannah and I visited a friend for lunch and to see her new house... I finished another quilt block...This one is called "Useless Bay" although I'm not sure why yet. Also, I discovered a quilt store only a few minutes away called Quilt Country. I visited and truly it was like a country. I didn't even know where to start looking it was so huge and full of anything you can think of to do with fabric and quilting. I signed up for a class to meet in September so I'm looking forward to that...and to going back purchase something. : ) Well, it's exciting to me! On Saturday we went to the library's book sale and found a few things but it was so hot we decided not to go the fair.

On Sunday I finished the last page of illustration for Debra's children's book we've been working on. Also, Anna hosted a church women's gathering at her house and the theme was Mediterranean food.
We washed our hands with rose water...
enjoyed all sorts of appetizers I probably can't spell and had several dishes to choose from for the main course. Everything was eaten with our hands- no silverware allowed.

I'm eating one of the beef ka-bobs Dax helped grill.

Then we all enjoyed various forms of hot tea and coffee out of Anna's teapot collection. I tried everything believe it or not and really enjoyed drinking the tea.
Time for some homemade desserts including baklava....all delicious.
Hannah has really started to enjoy her books. She has a couple of favorites we read over and over again and each time we finish she hands it back to me with such anticipation I can't turn her down. Here she is perusing her dad's collection of various religious books. She thumbed through Rasputin's biography and C.S. Lewis' The Abolition of Man among others. The rest of her time is spent telling herself "no" and what not to touch and what not to do. I think she actually enjoys this and feels like she's on a kind of treasure hunt for "off-limit" items around the house. She also likes to see what is possible to stand or sit on whatever the shape or size.


melody said...

that party looked interesting! i want to have some cool things like that someday!
hannah is funny telling herself no to things! i want to see her so bad- she would make me laugh so much!
and that's exciting about your quilt store- i would be excited, too! you're making me want to quilt.

The Robertson Family said...

I have always wanted to try different foods! It seems like fun! Sometimes I feel the same way about the books. You just have to go in her room at night and replace the one she wants you to read all the time with a new one! lol Then in a couple of days swap them back. I don't think I could do the quilting thang!! Chris's parents are taking us to the fair next week...I hope it is not to hot!!!!