Aug 19, 2008

Room for Two

Hannah enjoys her new toddler bed. She won't sleep in it for another month or so. Other than that, we have finished the room!

Original room last year for one baby (before the crib was finished).

Now room for two!! I painted it a creamy yellow and Nana's gift was the bed and bedding. We picked out a crib set called Dragonfly and gave the sheet and comforter to Hannah, the bumper and diaper holder to Chloe. It came with a valance too. I used the original valance from Grandma as a fun decoration for the wall and magnet board. We also tied the original pocket-holder to the end of Hannah's bed where she can keep small toys.
Hannah's corner with her framed name out of reach. : ) Dax and I both agree we would like to get into this bed but its 50 lb. limit puts us out of luck. It's got a handy drawer underneath in which I believe Hannah has already stored some things. Also, good old Jackson the Bear will keep her company at night. This was the bear my dad bought when I was Jackson, TN.

Chloe's corner with my mom's cross stitch animals and bedtime prayer from when I was born.

Hannah and her toy buckets.
She approves of the room and even matches it. She says to excuse her after-dinner crazy hair. : )


The Robertson Family said...

Awe that room looks perfect! Just wait when all of the toys start piling in! haha after dinner hair haha

gioiarioia said...

So cute!

BTW - I love your blog! I look at it all the time, even if I don't comment all that often!

Megan said...

Very cute room. I can't believe how spacious it looks even with the two beds...good job!

melody said...

i agree- the room looks so perfect and so good!! and it's creative how you used the stuff from hannah's old room and pulled everything together.

melody said...

OH- haha! did hannah put stuff in the drawer herself? if she did that is so funny!! to think of her being like, this should go in here, and storing it in her little drawer! haha

The Robertson Family said...

Just to let you know that you should put Hannah's bed by the window and the crib on the other side. That is one thing I remember from watching all those baby shows on TLC when they get the rooms inspected first!