Aug 18, 2008


"Spinning My Wheels"

Hannah attended her first birthday party. She got to play with lots of toys (and cotton) and had some tasty food with the other babies.

The birthday girl- Megan and Phoebe

Both babies loved the ribbon from the packages. Phoebe was kind enough to let Hannah take the pink one home.

In other news...something's not right with these cookies.

Dax building Hannah's new bed.

This is the forbidden plant in our den. Hannah struggles daily with the task of not touching it.
Every morning and pretty much throughout the day she runs to it and shakes her head saying, "No, no, no." She'll point at it, look at one of us and string a few gibberish sentences together with "no,no," evidently explaining why she shouldn't touch it or dig in the dirt." We nod our heads and agree with her ideas. She'll tell the plant "No" one more time and then blow a few puffs of air on it's leaves. We have no idea why. This whole process takes place quite often. Yesterday, while lounging, Dax accidentally touched a leaf and Hannah was all over it! She warned him with several "no's" and lots of pointing. She also hushes loud children in public places.


melody said...

HAHA!! hannah and the plant! she's so funny!!
that quilt design and colors are pretty!

melody said...

and those cookies are funny too! did megan make those?

The Robertson Family said...

Haha I hated when the kids got into the plants!