Sep 29, 2008

No Camera

We have broken our camera! We apparently have not mastered the skill of passing a camera and a piece of paper to one another at the same time because ever since the camera hit the ground it has refused to take pictures or even stay on for more than 5 seconds. I was disappointed because we did some fun things this weekend. Perhaps this will force me to finally learn how to put video clips on the blog. In any case here is a tiny but lovely picture of fall, my favorite time of the year for lots of reasons. Here are our goings-on.

Thursday- After a rough day and everything seeming to go wrong, I went to a concert and enjoyed some well-played music by the group I used to play with. I miss it a lot but sometimes it's nice to sit back and enjoy quality music without having the stress of actually playing it.

Friday-Dax and I took Hannah to the Fort Worth Zoo. The weather was nice and it wasn't too crowded. Hannah seemed to recognize the animals but didn't seem all that excited about them until we got to the rhino who she wagged her finger at disapprovingly because he was eating a large leafy branch. She knows we shouldn't eat things in the yard so she gave him several "no's" and a stern look! She also shushed other babies she felt were making too much fuss and showed the most interest in trying to pick up the pebbles stuck in the cement ground covering. We enjoyed some Pizza Hut for lunch and a train ride back to the front of the zoo since my legs were giving out. At the zoo is also where we dropped the camera.

Saturday- After Dax got off of work, that afternoon we headed to the Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home where Anna works and had fun at their fall festival. I can't wait until Hannah is old enough to participate in the games with all the older kids. They had a small craft area and I found a fun Christmas present for my mom! Hannah tried cotton candy, funnel cake, lots of fruit, and got a free stuffed animal- Fox with Socks from Dr. Suess to be exact. I love when she gets a new stuffed animal because she looks like she couldn't live without it and it is her long lost friend she has searched for all her life. She also rode the hay ride and we picked out a couple of pumpkins from the patch and drew faces on them. She had the most fun in the petting zoo area chasing chickens and running from goats. That's the video I hope to put on here.

Sunday- After church, Hannah had fun playing with her babysitter, Louise, while I ran some errands, picking up things for my stay in the hospital and some fall decorations for the house, which look lovely and make me feel homey.

Monday- Tonight Anna and I saw the new Richard Gere chick-flick. I surprisingly didn't cry at the obvious sad parts but instead teared up over the relationship between the mother and daughter. I was glad to do something besides chores around the house and part of me going at all was to make myself actually sit down for awhile. I've been going to bed way too late because I just can't seem to stop taking care of this or that.

There's my update- probably more than anyone wanted to know but once again it's late and I'm just typing away instead of heading to bed.

Sep 26, 2008

Finally some time outdoors.

Dax played a miniature golf tournament Tuesday night to raise money for scholarships at North Central Texas College. They served barbecue and ice cream and even gave out little golf trophies. His team did not win but they seemed to have a good time. I just watched. Here is his perfected "One Foot In One Foot Out" strategy. artistic angle?

This is the best picture I could get without being weird but the big guy in the cap played the Sheriff of El Paso in the this year's Academy Award Best Picture- No Country for Old Men..believe it or not!

They sold raffle tickets for participation in a money machine too. I was tempted and tried to tempt Dax but after watching all the winners only able to stuff about $7 in the little black box I wasn't too upset about not going for it.

This is Hannah's curious stance when she sees something interesting. In this case it was a leaf blower across the street.

Now she's really curious but also cautious. : )

Picking through the grass to find treasures to drop on the den floor later.

Her hair seems to get blonder and blonder.

Here we are at a nearby park to feed bread to the ducks. They enjoyed our leftover hotdog bun and some pita bread. They see me with the baggie and are racing down the hill for their treats.

Searching for crumbs and who knows what else. Hannah and the ducks have a lot in common.

Sep 22, 2008


Yet another fun sleeping position.

When Dax went to teach his Friday night class I suddenly felt the need to clean the entire house, mainly because I had energy to use. I took pictures because who knows when this will happen again- even baseboards got scrubbed! It is now Monday and it does not look like this anymore.

Rocking chair and bassinet all ready to go.

Before I went to rehearsal on Saturday Hannah and I buzzed on our mouthpieces. We are still working on her embouchure....and buzzing rather than singing.

My rehearsal and concert were in Arlington so here is a long distance shot of the new Cowboys stadium in progress. It's just massive. It's several thousand dollars to even reserve the right to purchase tickets in this stadium when it's finished.

Here is the horn section hanging out during intermission. We wore our fun polo shirts for this because it was a more casual affair. We played a community outreach concert for Texas band directors performing all the new music for the PML (prescribed music list). The scores were shown along with the music on a projector and the music was available for purchase after the concert. I always seem to catch Heather looking surprised in pictures.
We welcomed two new members to the section this year. L to R- Kristin, Heather, Heather, ME!, Nancy, and Kim.
We are going through cousin Kayla's clothes along with a few other bags given to us since Hannah is moving on to size 2T. She wanted to wear this purple dress over her clothes and loved the new sneakers.
Another pose.
Last but not least, here is how Hannah occupies herself during the longer diaper changes! : )

Sep 19, 2008


We've all been sick this week so we didn't do too much but sniffle and groan about whatever pains took place that day. Hannah has a stuffy nose too but thankfully didn't seem to have our other ailments. We didn't go to her toddler class on Tuesday so Wednesday I took her to a different library since I was feeling a little better. Thursday promised to be a longer day without Dax so we packed our lunch, went to the fabric store for more quilt supplies and went to the mall. This is a blurry picture of Hannah in the play area. I usually am too overprotective and think the other kids are too wild so we don't come here often. Hannah still seems awfully fragile to me compared to the other kids jumping and running but she had a good time exploring the Lewisville City healthcare? props. She especially liked this ambulance after another boy showed her how to push all the buttons inside. I guess I need to let go a little.

Playing on the end of a stethoscope with a tooth nearby. I'm still waiting on her hair to get more manageable. For now I'll call it the "muppet-do."

Today we preregistered at the hospital so when the time comes we get to walk right in and avoid paperwork. The lady helping us was much friendlier than the one last time and Hannah told her "bye" several times. She told us several babies were born that day so we walked down to see the newborns through the window but they must have all been in their rooms. It brought back memories though!! I should wear this shirt more often because I barely even look pregnant in these pictures.
The next time we're here it will be to take a baby home! The lady helping us kept telling me I had "quite awhile" since we were 6 weeks away. We are actually 5 weeks away because the cesarean will be a week before the due date. If you ask us, that doesn't sound like quite awhile to us. The weeks have been flying by.

In other quick Hannah news she is learning to tell us when she has a messy diaper- usually after her nap. I walk in to get her and she says "Shooo! Da Poo!" However, she told me this today and I checked. I told her she did not have a poo diaper this time and she shrugged her shoulders and said "oh..." as if she was disappointed. So funny.

Sep 12, 2008

Lots of little updates.

Well I don't really have any pictures to post so here is an update on what little things are going on.

Dax- He started teaching a class at church last week on service structure, etiquette, etc. He had a good turn-out the first night and he is there now. He also signed up to play in some kind of Putt-putt tournament regarding the school where he works. It includes food so that's good. He also found some guys to hang out with to talk about various things he's interested in. They are a group of various professors from work who get together every Friday. Dax is also trying to start a men's choir at church that rehearses casually and then has a guy's night afterward with hopes of singing some full services in the spring. He's also still going to karate a couple of times a week. So that's what's up with Dax.

Me- We've made a huge To-Do list before the baby comes and have made pretty good progress. All daily chores were left out so it included things like getting oil-changes, cleaning out the hall closet, organizing baby gear, etc. The list had to be at least 40 or so items to begin with, the biggest project being Dax's office. It seems like an impossible task to clean that room!! We are making progress and only have a few things left to do. We're also trying to save some money by cooking more at home..and more healthily. Since I am not a good cook, this has been interesting. I have succeeded at some dishes this week- broccoli-cheese pockets, black bean chili, Italian chicken.... but all my potato dishes were not exceptional and my asparagus was only edible. Dax remained strong and stifled our usual bail out of ordering take out from Chili's down the street.
Maybe next week I'll have more successes than failures. Most of the challenge is trying to entertain Hannah without letting her anywhere near the stove/oven. Ice chips in a bowl has worked the best. We have worked it out so I can have a little alone time on Friday or Saturday and Dax can have some time with Hannah to himself. Today I went to a movie- there are no good movies out but I didn't want to go shopping and it was too hot to hang around outside much less walk around for too long with my dying energy. I've been watching (corny), positive things lately so I went to see "Proud American." I was the only one in the show and peacefully enjoyed my bag of twizzlers and a cherry coke. The directing and acting were extremely silly but it had some uplifting messages and overall I enjoyed it and it's lack of screaming and gunfire.

Hannah- On Tuesday she did well at her 1st Toddler Time class at the library. It was extremely crowded and all the older kids made me nervous. Hannah participated in the new songs and had a good time. We even got to see some friends from her old class who had graduated a few months ago. We visited with a couple of friends with toddlers on Wednesday and had a nice time chatting. You can tell Hannah doesn't have siblings like the other kids because she was completely surprised by loud toys and was upset at the slightest thing happening to her. It's not like Dax and I go to around closing doors on her or bopping her in the head! Haha- she lives in a safety bubble so it's good for her to be around other toddlers so she can toughen up a bit. She is pronouncing more and more words but still waiting to connect them with intentions or meanings. There are too many tiny things to tell but a funny moment yesterday is when she found our neglected labelmaker. I saw her happily pushing all the buttons and wondered what would happen next. Sure enough she soon printed QEJI398, out the paper buzzed to her surprise, and she ran like the wind. Today we took her around UNT to run a couple of errands and now she likes to walk by herself. Each time I would try to hold her hand to help her avoid an oncoming crowd she would sit down stubbornly (at least quietly). It took us quite awhile to get down some of the long hallways. She also had a runny nose today and each time I neglected to wipe it, she would say " Hey!!" and point to the tissues. : ) Now she is sleeping soundly, unlike the last few nights when she kept waking up to talk or giggle about who knows what. Once Dax went to check on her while she was supposedly sleeping and she sat straight up, waved, said "Hi," and put her head back on the pillow.

Sep 7, 2008

Last Week

Alright- for those of you who don't see me on a regular basis this is what I look like as of last Monday. I have now gained 35lbs and counting and this is the best posture I can manage. Please excuse my lack of interest in doing anything nice with my hair! : )

"Ohio Star" - the last block!
This is a rough draft of what the finished quilt will be. None of this has actually been sewn together yet. I've given my fingers a couple of days rest and just wanted to make sure it fit together. For some reason the instructions didn't have me cut any corner blocks so I'm not sure what I will do here. Still many steps to go so this may officially be the latest birthday gift ever given.

On Wednesday my friend Patty came to visit and bought some conductor's scores Dax has been trying to sell. She still hadn't officially met Hannah since we've been out of touch for awhile so they got acquainted. I took this picture because even on my best day I cannot be as animated as Patty is every day and for the first time ever Hannah let someone read the actual story...(almost) every word. I was amazed. They read The Velveteen Rabbit. After this, I headed to the doctor and we found out we'll be able to schedule the C-Section 2 weeks before the surgery- which is 7-10 days before the baby is due. That puts us around October 23/24 so the time is nearing. It seems that as far as his schedule allows we will be able to choose the exact day.

On Thursday Anna treated us to Texas de Brazil!! There is a restaurant similar to this in Denton but it's under new management and has received bad reviews since Dax and I first ate there. He found this one in Addison and it was the best meal I've ever had. If you've never been to one of these places it's a set price per customer and after getting every delicious thing you can think of from the bar (above) you have a red/green sided card at your seat. Green means you will be brought perfectly cooked choice cut meat right off the skewer. You never know what kind of meat they'll bring next and each one is better than the last. Red means you would like to pause on the meat, but they still seem to come to your table anyway and you still agree to take the meat because you can't help yourself. The large knives make me a little nervous but the service and food make my mouth water just thinking about it.

Hannah is not yet settled into her toddler bed but it may come soon as you can tell from here!
So far we are practicing by putting baby dolls to sleep during the day and randomly waking them up. I'm also trying to show her some pictures of newborns and (gasp!) nursing newborns (if that works out better this time) so she's not in for a total shock. She loves the pictures of babies so we'll see how she feels when one moves in permanently and gets all sorts of fun swings she can't fit in. I've got a couple of new toys in the garage for her when the time comes so she can get gifts too.

Hannah says hi!!!

Sep 4, 2008

School Dayz

You may be wondering- what is this? A friend of mine introduced me to a site called Yearbook Yourself. ( This and the next 2 posts explore what myself, Dax, and Hannah would look like throughout various years in our yearbook pictures. I went a little crazy because every picture looks so enjoy. This is me in 1954.




1968- I look so much like my mom's high school picture here!!

1984- This looks pretty much like my 8th grade glamour shots picture but with glasses. Not so glamorous if you ask me!!!




School Dayz- Dax

1954- by far the most (or only) flattering version- haha!



1980-This one's not so bad either- kind of looks like a singer.



1990- Woah!