Sep 7, 2008

Last Week

Alright- for those of you who don't see me on a regular basis this is what I look like as of last Monday. I have now gained 35lbs and counting and this is the best posture I can manage. Please excuse my lack of interest in doing anything nice with my hair! : )

"Ohio Star" - the last block!
This is a rough draft of what the finished quilt will be. None of this has actually been sewn together yet. I've given my fingers a couple of days rest and just wanted to make sure it fit together. For some reason the instructions didn't have me cut any corner blocks so I'm not sure what I will do here. Still many steps to go so this may officially be the latest birthday gift ever given.

On Wednesday my friend Patty came to visit and bought some conductor's scores Dax has been trying to sell. She still hadn't officially met Hannah since we've been out of touch for awhile so they got acquainted. I took this picture because even on my best day I cannot be as animated as Patty is every day and for the first time ever Hannah let someone read the actual story...(almost) every word. I was amazed. They read The Velveteen Rabbit. After this, I headed to the doctor and we found out we'll be able to schedule the C-Section 2 weeks before the surgery- which is 7-10 days before the baby is due. That puts us around October 23/24 so the time is nearing. It seems that as far as his schedule allows we will be able to choose the exact day.

On Thursday Anna treated us to Texas de Brazil!! There is a restaurant similar to this in Denton but it's under new management and has received bad reviews since Dax and I first ate there. He found this one in Addison and it was the best meal I've ever had. If you've never been to one of these places it's a set price per customer and after getting every delicious thing you can think of from the bar (above) you have a red/green sided card at your seat. Green means you will be brought perfectly cooked choice cut meat right off the skewer. You never know what kind of meat they'll bring next and each one is better than the last. Red means you would like to pause on the meat, but they still seem to come to your table anyway and you still agree to take the meat because you can't help yourself. The large knives make me a little nervous but the service and food make my mouth water just thinking about it.

Hannah is not yet settled into her toddler bed but it may come soon as you can tell from here!
So far we are practicing by putting baby dolls to sleep during the day and randomly waking them up. I'm also trying to show her some pictures of newborns and (gasp!) nursing newborns (if that works out better this time) so she's not in for a total shock. She loves the pictures of babies so we'll see how she feels when one moves in permanently and gets all sorts of fun swings she can't fit in. I've got a couple of new toys in the garage for her when the time comes so she can get gifts too.

Hannah says hi!!!


The Robertson Family said...

YOU look FANTASTIC! I know you are ready! That Texas Grill thing seems very interesting....I don't think we have anything like that in Dyersburg haha. Hannah's feet hanging out of her crib is so cute. Tonight Kayla had taken a picture off her wall above her bed and hung her skort there haha.

gioiarioia said...

Danny and I went to Texas de Brazil in downtown Memphis - mmmmm... We went with some folks that had 50% off coupons!

I check your blog all the time - LOVE IT! I have baby envy. With all my schooling, I think I might be going for the record for world's oldest new mom.