Sep 26, 2008

Finally some time outdoors.

Dax played a miniature golf tournament Tuesday night to raise money for scholarships at North Central Texas College. They served barbecue and ice cream and even gave out little golf trophies. His team did not win but they seemed to have a good time. I just watched. Here is his perfected "One Foot In One Foot Out" strategy. artistic angle?

This is the best picture I could get without being weird but the big guy in the cap played the Sheriff of El Paso in the this year's Academy Award Best Picture- No Country for Old Men..believe it or not!

They sold raffle tickets for participation in a money machine too. I was tempted and tried to tempt Dax but after watching all the winners only able to stuff about $7 in the little black box I wasn't too upset about not going for it.

This is Hannah's curious stance when she sees something interesting. In this case it was a leaf blower across the street.

Now she's really curious but also cautious. : )

Picking through the grass to find treasures to drop on the den floor later.

Her hair seems to get blonder and blonder.

Here we are at a nearby park to feed bread to the ducks. They enjoyed our leftover hotdog bun and some pita bread. They see me with the baggie and are racing down the hill for their treats.

Searching for crumbs and who knows what else. Hannah and the ducks have a lot in common.


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

melody said...

hahaha! dax looks all focused trying to hit that golf ball-
and hannah sticking her head forward when she's curious is so cute!

melody said...

hahaha!! what is that gooooood girl??