Sep 1, 2008

Labor Day

Saturday Hannah and I continued our Hair Wars. I've been stubborn about cutting her hair because I really want her hair to grow out even. She seems pretty pleased with this barrette so far.
We've made it to the den.
But wait.......
Mom- 0, Hannah- 1

I couldn't help but laugh at the poor state of this chicken. Dax smoked a "beer-can chicken" for the Labor Day picnic at church. He has a whole book about putting cans in various forms of meat and has been waiting to try this. It was actually quite delicious.
The chicken meeting it's fate. I'm still laughing at how silly this looks.

Dax took Hannah to the picnic while I taught a couple of child-free horn lessons at home. My students were much appreciative of the undivided attention. Hannah hasn't spent much time with Nana lately so they got to hang out a bit. Here she has her face painted with hearts, but when she arrived home I at first thought she had some kind of awful cheek injury since the red was smeared from her car ride!

Fun in the baby bounce house.

You can't have too many watermellon pictures.

This one is "Tumbling Star." I was hoping to have the very last block posted as well but I discovered I sewed about half of it incorrectly so I'll have to recut and sew more pieces...just when it was almost complete! I even tried to piece it a different way and thought of naming it myself but the measurements just didn't work out- oh well!


The Robertson Family said...

That chicken is funny ...just sitting up on the grill Hannah's hair is getting long!!! Cute pics

melody said...

haha- that made me laugh seeing that chicken sitting up on the grill like that! i like that picture...
and hannah is still so cute!