Sep 12, 2008

Lots of little updates.

Well I don't really have any pictures to post so here is an update on what little things are going on.

Dax- He started teaching a class at church last week on service structure, etiquette, etc. He had a good turn-out the first night and he is there now. He also signed up to play in some kind of Putt-putt tournament regarding the school where he works. It includes food so that's good. He also found some guys to hang out with to talk about various things he's interested in. They are a group of various professors from work who get together every Friday. Dax is also trying to start a men's choir at church that rehearses casually and then has a guy's night afterward with hopes of singing some full services in the spring. He's also still going to karate a couple of times a week. So that's what's up with Dax.

Me- We've made a huge To-Do list before the baby comes and have made pretty good progress. All daily chores were left out so it included things like getting oil-changes, cleaning out the hall closet, organizing baby gear, etc. The list had to be at least 40 or so items to begin with, the biggest project being Dax's office. It seems like an impossible task to clean that room!! We are making progress and only have a few things left to do. We're also trying to save some money by cooking more at home..and more healthily. Since I am not a good cook, this has been interesting. I have succeeded at some dishes this week- broccoli-cheese pockets, black bean chili, Italian chicken.... but all my potato dishes were not exceptional and my asparagus was only edible. Dax remained strong and stifled our usual bail out of ordering take out from Chili's down the street.
Maybe next week I'll have more successes than failures. Most of the challenge is trying to entertain Hannah without letting her anywhere near the stove/oven. Ice chips in a bowl has worked the best. We have worked it out so I can have a little alone time on Friday or Saturday and Dax can have some time with Hannah to himself. Today I went to a movie- there are no good movies out but I didn't want to go shopping and it was too hot to hang around outside much less walk around for too long with my dying energy. I've been watching (corny), positive things lately so I went to see "Proud American." I was the only one in the show and peacefully enjoyed my bag of twizzlers and a cherry coke. The directing and acting were extremely silly but it had some uplifting messages and overall I enjoyed it and it's lack of screaming and gunfire.

Hannah- On Tuesday she did well at her 1st Toddler Time class at the library. It was extremely crowded and all the older kids made me nervous. Hannah participated in the new songs and had a good time. We even got to see some friends from her old class who had graduated a few months ago. We visited with a couple of friends with toddlers on Wednesday and had a nice time chatting. You can tell Hannah doesn't have siblings like the other kids because she was completely surprised by loud toys and was upset at the slightest thing happening to her. It's not like Dax and I go to around closing doors on her or bopping her in the head! Haha- she lives in a safety bubble so it's good for her to be around other toddlers so she can toughen up a bit. She is pronouncing more and more words but still waiting to connect them with intentions or meanings. There are too many tiny things to tell but a funny moment yesterday is when she found our neglected labelmaker. I saw her happily pushing all the buttons and wondered what would happen next. Sure enough she soon printed QEJI398, out the paper buzzed to her surprise, and she ran like the wind. Today we took her around UNT to run a couple of errands and now she likes to walk by herself. Each time I would try to hold her hand to help her avoid an oncoming crowd she would sit down stubbornly (at least quietly). It took us quite awhile to get down some of the long hallways. She also had a runny nose today and each time I neglected to wipe it, she would say " Hey!!" and point to the tissues. : ) Now she is sleeping soundly, unlike the last few nights when she kept waking up to talk or giggle about who knows what. Once Dax went to check on her while she was supposedly sleeping and she sat straight up, waved, said "Hi," and put her head back on the pillow.

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