Sep 29, 2008

No Camera

We have broken our camera! We apparently have not mastered the skill of passing a camera and a piece of paper to one another at the same time because ever since the camera hit the ground it has refused to take pictures or even stay on for more than 5 seconds. I was disappointed because we did some fun things this weekend. Perhaps this will force me to finally learn how to put video clips on the blog. In any case here is a tiny but lovely picture of fall, my favorite time of the year for lots of reasons. Here are our goings-on.

Thursday- After a rough day and everything seeming to go wrong, I went to a concert and enjoyed some well-played music by the group I used to play with. I miss it a lot but sometimes it's nice to sit back and enjoy quality music without having the stress of actually playing it.

Friday-Dax and I took Hannah to the Fort Worth Zoo. The weather was nice and it wasn't too crowded. Hannah seemed to recognize the animals but didn't seem all that excited about them until we got to the rhino who she wagged her finger at disapprovingly because he was eating a large leafy branch. She knows we shouldn't eat things in the yard so she gave him several "no's" and a stern look! She also shushed other babies she felt were making too much fuss and showed the most interest in trying to pick up the pebbles stuck in the cement ground covering. We enjoyed some Pizza Hut for lunch and a train ride back to the front of the zoo since my legs were giving out. At the zoo is also where we dropped the camera.

Saturday- After Dax got off of work, that afternoon we headed to the Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home where Anna works and had fun at their fall festival. I can't wait until Hannah is old enough to participate in the games with all the older kids. They had a small craft area and I found a fun Christmas present for my mom! Hannah tried cotton candy, funnel cake, lots of fruit, and got a free stuffed animal- Fox with Socks from Dr. Suess to be exact. I love when she gets a new stuffed animal because she looks like she couldn't live without it and it is her long lost friend she has searched for all her life. She also rode the hay ride and we picked out a couple of pumpkins from the patch and drew faces on them. She had the most fun in the petting zoo area chasing chickens and running from goats. That's the video I hope to put on here.

Sunday- After church, Hannah had fun playing with her babysitter, Louise, while I ran some errands, picking up things for my stay in the hospital and some fall decorations for the house, which look lovely and make me feel homey.

Monday- Tonight Anna and I saw the new Richard Gere chick-flick. I surprisingly didn't cry at the obvious sad parts but instead teared up over the relationship between the mother and daughter. I was glad to do something besides chores around the house and part of me going at all was to make myself actually sit down for awhile. I've been going to bed way too late because I just can't seem to stop taking care of this or that.

There's my update- probably more than anyone wanted to know but once again it's late and I'm just typing away instead of heading to bed.


The Robertson Family said...

I don't know what I would do without my camera! I carry it in my purse always! The zoo sounded like a fun trip! Hannah loved the Rhino's ...I thought they were doing something besides eating a leaf hahaha

melody said...

haha she was shushing other babies!
i'm sorry you broke your camera!