Sep 19, 2008


We've all been sick this week so we didn't do too much but sniffle and groan about whatever pains took place that day. Hannah has a stuffy nose too but thankfully didn't seem to have our other ailments. We didn't go to her toddler class on Tuesday so Wednesday I took her to a different library since I was feeling a little better. Thursday promised to be a longer day without Dax so we packed our lunch, went to the fabric store for more quilt supplies and went to the mall. This is a blurry picture of Hannah in the play area. I usually am too overprotective and think the other kids are too wild so we don't come here often. Hannah still seems awfully fragile to me compared to the other kids jumping and running but she had a good time exploring the Lewisville City healthcare? props. She especially liked this ambulance after another boy showed her how to push all the buttons inside. I guess I need to let go a little.

Playing on the end of a stethoscope with a tooth nearby. I'm still waiting on her hair to get more manageable. For now I'll call it the "muppet-do."

Today we preregistered at the hospital so when the time comes we get to walk right in and avoid paperwork. The lady helping us was much friendlier than the one last time and Hannah told her "bye" several times. She told us several babies were born that day so we walked down to see the newborns through the window but they must have all been in their rooms. It brought back memories though!! I should wear this shirt more often because I barely even look pregnant in these pictures.
The next time we're here it will be to take a baby home! The lady helping us kept telling me I had "quite awhile" since we were 6 weeks away. We are actually 5 weeks away because the cesarean will be a week before the due date. If you ask us, that doesn't sound like quite awhile to us. The weeks have been flying by.

In other quick Hannah news she is learning to tell us when she has a messy diaper- usually after her nap. I walk in to get her and she says "Shooo! Da Poo!" However, she told me this today and I checked. I told her she did not have a poo diaper this time and she shrugged her shoulders and said "oh..." as if she was disappointed. So funny.


melody said...

5 weeks is so soon!!!! i'm excited!
that's so funny about hannah and her diaper!

The Robertson Family said...


gioiarioia said...

I can't believe it's almost time for baby #2! It seems like just yesterday you were welcoming Hannah into the world!

PS - You look great!