Sep 22, 2008


Yet another fun sleeping position.

When Dax went to teach his Friday night class I suddenly felt the need to clean the entire house, mainly because I had energy to use. I took pictures because who knows when this will happen again- even baseboards got scrubbed! It is now Monday and it does not look like this anymore.

Rocking chair and bassinet all ready to go.

Before I went to rehearsal on Saturday Hannah and I buzzed on our mouthpieces. We are still working on her embouchure....and buzzing rather than singing.

My rehearsal and concert were in Arlington so here is a long distance shot of the new Cowboys stadium in progress. It's just massive. It's several thousand dollars to even reserve the right to purchase tickets in this stadium when it's finished.

Here is the horn section hanging out during intermission. We wore our fun polo shirts for this because it was a more casual affair. We played a community outreach concert for Texas band directors performing all the new music for the PML (prescribed music list). The scores were shown along with the music on a projector and the music was available for purchase after the concert. I always seem to catch Heather looking surprised in pictures.
We welcomed two new members to the section this year. L to R- Kristin, Heather, Heather, ME!, Nancy, and Kim.
We are going through cousin Kayla's clothes along with a few other bags given to us since Hannah is moving on to size 2T. She wanted to wear this purple dress over her clothes and loved the new sneakers.
Another pose.
Last but not least, here is how Hannah occupies herself during the longer diaper changes! : )


The Robertson Family said...

Wow! Your house looks really clean! I love the colors. 2T already! Geez grwoing fast.She is outgrowing that changing table lol

melody said...

haha she is so funny! i like that little purple dress!
and that made me laugh about you always catching heather looking surprised

gioiarioia said...

I, too, have felt the need to photograph a freshly cleaned house! :)