Oct 31, 2008

1 Week

Napping with Daddy.

I've had this little play shopping cart in the garage for a year now. Many gifts have been bestowed upon Hannah in the past few days so what's one more? She loves the cart, especially the little cell phone and its holder (next to doll's head).

We finally put Chloe in my own newborn dress as we did Hannah. Chloe was less happy about it as well as unhappy with sitting near Jackson the bear, my dad's gift to me when I was born.

Sweetly sleeping...and revealing a widow's peak maybe?

I made a hat! Anna has been helping at our house and knitting away on some mini-shrugs for the babies so I was inspired to pull out the yarn I was originally going to use to knit a blanket for Chloe. She already has many, many blankets, so since winter is on it's way I found a preemie hat pattern online. It turned out well and was very quick to make so I think more are on the way.

Close-up and ready for a nap.

We experimented with Hannah's hair today. Here she is in some oddly placed pig-tails guiltily finishing up MY breakfast muffin.

Out with these!!

Today we went up to church so Father Justin could say the 8th day naming prayers when the baby is officially named. At the hospital he said the after birth prayers for me and at 40 days there is another set of prayers at which time we'll return to church officially. Chloe's baptism will hopefully be December 28th.

We don't really do Halloween but figured we wouldn't let down the neighborhood kids. Here is our "baby sleeping" sign and help yourself bowl of candy. From the view from the peephole, the kids were pretty excited about that. One boy carefully picked out his favorites and other kids took polite handfuls.

After over a year, Hannah's stocking is ready for Christmas. You may remember my very old posts about this and how I wasn't sure how to finish it. Anna helped me with my very minimal understanding of sewing today and it is ready to hang! I need to start one for Chloe now....along with my other 20 intended projects!


melody said...

aww chloe looks so tiny when you're holding her-- and that hat looks really good!!

The Robertson Family said...

I love your hair cut like that! Hannah stealing your muffin...get use to many of those days haha, her hair is cute lol, Chloe looks really long and mother told me she had your feet, Beautiful FAMILY!