Oct 10, 2008


Ever since we've lived here I've tried to find big open park spaces near water as a nice getaway place from all the stores and hustle and bustle. I've gone to lots of parks and we've visited a couple of areas near Lake Lewisville, which is about 2 minutes from our house, but never found anything like what I was looking for. Last Saturday while looking for a garage sale, we drove up to a park entrance I hadn't seen before and haven't found on the internet. I took Hannah there on Thursday to explore more thoroughly and I have to say it's perfect and everything I hoped for.
This is a picture of one corner of it. There are small camping sites where if we got the urge, we could borrow a tent and spend the night. There is a large playground, a dock, a view of the marina, a sand volley ball court, scenic, clean picnic areas, and best of all lots of flat, open space to play ball or just run around. Even the parking spots were nice and close. There was also no entrance fee and hardly any people! I can't find the park's name anywhere but I look forward to going back. I'm even thinking I can use my kayak here because in the area this picture shows, there are no boats and a level beach to shove off from.

A view from the dock.

Hannah checking out the view in the wind.

Run, Hannah, Run!!

We had to leave the volleyball court after Hannah ignored my alternate ways of playing with sand in favor of trying to eat it. Even as I picked her up to leave, she speedily shoved a handful in her mouth in desperation. In the meantime, we are having trouble getting her to eat her regular food!

We watched this bird catch a fish. Oh, there is also a swimming area too. However, I saw a couple of huge fish carcasses hanging around and would not like to swim with creatures that big.

In other news, Hannah hasn't quite caught on how to sleep with a pillow. I have so many goofy sleeping shots of her. I feel sorry for her husband one day if her habits don't improve!! : )

This is how she insists on wearing a headband.

In her Wednesday class we receive a craft to take home. Usually it's a cut and paste project based on the theme of the day so I'm saving those for awhile. This week, though, we got a little baggie of Froot Loops and a pipe cleaner in order to make a "birdfeeder." Hannah thought this was a nice treat for herself and almost left none for the birds. Do birds even eat Froot Loops??

Hannah loves her Baby Einstein flash cards and can now bring us any of the pictures we ask for. She also likes to pick them up and compare them to the real life version of the picture. She'll point back and forth- blanket- blanket, blanket- blanket, saying her own version of the word. I decided to make her some instrument flash cards seeing as we are band nerds at this house. I have plans for others as well like sea animals etc. I found the pictures on the internet and took them to Kinkos for laminating. Lesson learned? It's fun to make flash cards but they turned out to be more expensive than buying them! Oh well. Hannah will have fun learning the instruments.


The Robertson Family said...

Awe the pillow I gave her! hehe she is going to be upset in a week or two when Chloe takes over the crib and she moves to her toddler bed. That park looks relaxing! Why didn't you swim with the big fish hahah I wouldn't have either.

melody said...

ooh that lake is so pretty and perfect! i'm glad you found it!