Oct 27, 2008

A Plethora of Pictures!

I'm a big sister!

The hair shot....

A visit from Father Justin.

A visit from Megan and family.

Dr. Noble and Chloe.

Here we are preparing to go home after a long wait on Saturday for various people to sign various forms.

Asleep and ready to go.

Hey! You brought this baby home?

She's only the size of a baby doll right now... so tiny!

Here are 2 or 3 awake (without crying) shots since they are bound to be rare for awhile.

Here is my first attempt at mothering two! I'm looking kind of awkward but we'll get the hang of it. Really besides myself not feeling too wonderful at random times and having some pretty bad headaches it is all going quite well. Chloe is doing a great job feeding and Hannah has been great as well. We went for our first check-up today and Hannah was even protective of the baby- not wanting the doctor to hold her. Anna is staying with me this week while Dax is at work and next week he will stay home. We are thinking that maybe next week will be a good time for house visitors for those who would like to come. Right now I'm just not sure how I will feel and wouldn't be a great hostess and we would just like to feel a bit more settled on Chloe's wishes as far as eating and sleeping patterns go. I can't wait to see everyone though!

She's all cozy in her seat ready for the next day ahead.


gioiarioia said...

So sweet!

The Robertson Family said...

I love looking at all these pics!

Paige said...

You have to share with me the secret of having kids with hair!

Neal and Kate said...

What beautiful babies -- congratulations!!

Katrina said...

glad to hear that you are doing well! chloe looks so precious!