Oct 18, 2008

Shower, Haircuts, and Circus

Here I am at the baby shower last week. This is the only picture of me with a single chin so this is the only one I'm posting.

Shower Guests: Raina and Anna discussing.. alligators? how to catch a fly? Sorry Raina, I liked the picture to much to leave it on the desktop.
Becki, Nancy, Lisa

Debra and Louise. I don't seem to have pictures of the other guests so they lucked out.

Anna's beautifully decorated cake.

In other news. Some progress has been made with the toddler bed. She goes to sleep in her own bed now (not pictured) but ends up here in the middle of the night. Even after her nap the other day, we heard her get upset through the monitor....Dax investigated and somehow she had ended up under the crib behind the bed skirt. I would have been frightened to wake up there too!!

Hannah's first haircut!! With the baby coming I didn't want to spend time trying to get Hannah's hair out of her eyes so much to the relief of everyone else I gave in. Here we are at Hair-Diddle-Diddle for kids' haircuts. She got her bangs trimmed with much patience in her pink convertible.

"What are you doing, lady?"

Pleased with the final result!

Today it was off to the Shriner's Circus in Fort Worth. We had free vouchers. We wondered how it would go considering due to Hannah's age she was required to sit in our lap. Since it was 10am the coliseum wasn't crowded so that helped. She was very still and enjoyed the hula ladies who hula-hooped 50 rings at once. Whenever they got rid of one and put it on the ground Hannah got very concerned and said "Uh-oh- fell down." She also like the little cars that were driven around the ring and she danced to some of the music. We left after intermission since it's kind of a long show for a little one.

What is that?

She shakes hands with a large blow-up-doll man-clown type character.

These pictures are all from our old camera since our new one is too expensive to repair right now. With the program from the older camera I found out you can make a coloring book version of your photo. That's pretty much the only good thing about it.

Enjoying the circus as a family of 3...not for long. Excuse Hannah's fist in her mouth.

With Daddy and elephants.

Off to Cracker Barrell for our weekly meal out. The next post will probably not be until after the baby is born on Thursday. We'll get pictures up as soon as we are able!


The Robertson Family said...

First Haircut soooo exciting! I can not believe that you are due on Thursday! I will be thinking of you while I am in class. I will be mailing you something probably next week. I LOVE YOU!!!! We have not made it to the circus yet....was it fun?

melody said...

haha!! i love her sitting in that little car to get her hair cut.... and i wanna go to a circus!

and i can't believe you're due so soon either!! only a few more days!