Oct 5, 2008

Zoo and Pumpkin Patch

We were able to borrow a camera from Father Justin's family since theirs is similar to ours so I took lots of pictures!

Hannah and I in front of the elephants.

This baby elephant receives a kiss and the most affection Hannah gave any animal that day!

Today we went to Flower Mound Pumpkin Village. We already had 3 little pumpkins from the festival last weekend but we didn't get to spend time with Nana or pick out any big ones for our porch.
We enjoyed a KFC dinner with wind and a lot of bees in the picnic area. : )

We headed off to the rides which Hannah was too little for. I was curious to see if she would try to scale this ladder but this is as far as she got.

The family! We attempted many family pictures here but upon review this is the most normal one believe it or not. Notice the water bottle trying to sneak into our photo... thinking it's part of the family I guess.

Racing through the pumpkins!

So grown up!!!

Here we are at the petting area where the three goats ignored us. Hannah was upset with me for not letting her climb the fence so she got innovative and tried crawling under by herself.

Enjoying a wagon ride.

A nice pose with daddy.

Thanking Nana for a lovely time. She has a tiny pumpkin for Chloe in her hand.

A last bit of business to take care of before heading home. No one is pointing any fingers...

Our pumpkin family is complete!


The Robertson Family said...

Cute pumkpin family! haha the flat tire photo is funny. I love the pics so cute! I can tell you are ready to have that baby! What is the water bottles name?

melody said...

these are all really cute pictures! only two weeks now!! i'm excited!