Nov 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and Other Happenings

Chloe's umbilical cord was pretty late coming off so she just had her first bath last Saturday. She seemed interested in it but lost her patience with us toward the end. : )

Hannah in her pretty pink petticoat for church. Also, on Sunday afternoon Anna and I went to see Twilight. I've made fun of her and Dax's obsession with vampires for years and when I heard about this book and movie I was sure it was another thing to avoid. However..I ended up reading the book straight through (a nice way to spend 3am feedings) in a couple of days and enjoyed the movie too. I'm now on book 2.

Megan and Phoebe came to visit again and this time was special because it's the first time our girls were on the same level- both walking. They followed each other around the house and played with all of Hannah's toys.

Enjoying Corduroy Goes to the Doctor read by Megan. Hannah's wearing her froggy
house slippers.

They were hoping to go in the back yard but it was a little too chilly and a little too close to nap time.

All mothers can relate to this picture! Step out of the room for just a second....

My mother visited us for Thanksgiving this year since we had to stay in Texas and the rest of our family was so spread out this year. Rather than cook or clean, we went to Texas de Brazil! and had lots of wonderful food. Dax made us a lemon pie to enjoy when we returned home.

Nana, Hannah, and Grandma at the restaurant. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Myself and Dax...obviously : )

At the dinner table. We enjoyed our own conversation plus the table's next to us who talked extremely loudly in strong Boston accents about their dogs.

Chloe was wonderfully asleep during dinner and awoke at the end. I'm not one for attempting to nurse in public- that's just me- so Chloe is enjoying a bottle here. Her being able to do this also allows me some freedom to leave the house on my own now!!

Hanging out at home, but it looks like Grandma's still hungry and about to eat the baby.

This morning my mom and I saw Four Christmases and did some shopping. We bought Hannah some new clothes and Dax stayed at home, cleaned his office, and put up a tree. This is our artificial one now named the "church tree" with all the icon ornaments. We're getting a live tree for the den this year. We haven't been able to do that before since we were always headed out of town for Christmas.

Sigh of relief! As I've said before, Chloe is a very fidgety baby who has trouble just being calm as well as staying asleep. For some crazy reason we only got a little bouncy seat for her and did not replace the "missing parts" swing we used for Hannah thinking we wouldn't need it. Well Chloe simply cannot go to sleep without movement and I don't have the arms to entertain both kids 100% of the time. My mom took me to find a swing today and as you can see, it is a lifesaver. She looks very sweet in her new chair. We'll have to rearrange the furniture, though, because Hannah keeps trying to scoot past it and disrupts the rocking- which is the whole point!

Nov 22, 2008

Funny Little Things

Hannah and I having a picnic lunch on the back porch- before it got to be so cold! I really miss getting to do things with Hannah just the 2 of us. I get alone time with the baby at night, but of course there is rarely Hannah alone time so far with the exception of a few minutes here or there, such as this lunch!

This monster strawberry just made me laugh when posed next to the normal one.

This poor Dr. Suess fox is being force fed Hannah's rejected carrot.

This made me laugh so hard! I was preparing dinner and stepped over to the den to check on Hannah's activity. She was squatting low to the ground and then fell over. Out from beneath her bottom popped a tiny dollhouse chair. She had been trying so hard to sit on it! I asked her to do it again so I could get this picture. As you can see that chair doesn't stand a chance!

Chloe being happy! The past couple of days she has had bouts of being satisfied with just sitting even if it's only for 5 minutes. If I may quote Nancy who visited Chloe today and after trying to make the baby comfortable said, "She's high maintenance. Oh my!" We still love you Chloe- she's very very sweet and I believe she truly smiled today for the first time. She's also letting us get a bit more sleep at night.

We can tell she will be a good student. She's already practicing raising her hand.

Nov 17, 2008


Everyone's all diapered and clean.

Sleeping like a baby.

Hannah's showing Chloe the ropes on her hand me down play mat.

Speaking of mats, our friend Matt had a layover at the DFW airport on Saturday so
we were excited to go up to see him for a little while.

Nov 13, 2008

3 Weeks Old

Anna found this cool wooden castle at a mosque's garage sale- who knew?

Hannah likes to pull back the curtain and say " boo."

She also like to pull off little seedlings from this tree in our yard- they smell like Christmas!

Chloe is 3 weeks old today! Here are some pictures of her very rare calm state. She is a pretty grumpy baby as of yet ! If she's not eating or sleeping she's not very happy.
...still sweet though : )

I tried this trick with Hannah and it worked pretty well. It worked well with Chloe too- for 5 minutes which is as long as anything works with her! As you can see here, she's already waking up again.
This is her unsettled, I'm about to be unhappy look, but she is allowing Hannah and I to enjoy lunch for the moment.

Yes, I caved! I've always been against pacifiers myself for various reasons. However!! No matter how many timed I try to play with Hannah or give her any attention during the day, the baby cries through most of it. When I've attended every need, I just can't think of how else to calm her. The Dunstan Baby Language was a real lifesaver with Hannah. For instance - a "Naaaaa" sound is a reflex for sucking, meaning the baby is hungry. "Ehhh" is for burping... and there are several others that are miraculously accurate. The idea is not to have them get to a crying stage because you know what they need. Well, Chloe says almost nothing but Naaaaa all day long no matter how much I offer to feed her. She seems to just want to suck on something for comfort. She's too young to find her own hands so I thought I would go ahead and see if a pacifier would work to give us some sanity. She does enjoy it as you can see and quiets herself for at least a few minutes. I only plan on giving it to her in the more trying situations and attempting to comfort her in other ways the rest of the time. We'll see how it goes. She cried for someone visiting the other day who handed her back saying, "mothers always have their ways of calming them down." Well according to Chloe, not this mother- at least not yet. : )

Just because the camera was on the dinner table...

Nov 9, 2008

2 Weeks

Chloe is now 19.5 inches long and 6 lbs. 11 oz.

She likes to work on lifting her head- if only for a moment.

I've tried to come up with some different activities for Hannah during our time at home now that Dax has returned to work. We used to leave the house almost everyday and now since that's too difficult right now, it makes for a long day at home! Here she is with her favorite toy- water! She had a lot of fun concentrating on pouring water from container to container. Our first day alone was perfect. Chloe slept and ate at exactly the "right" times and Hannah and I had fun together. Later that night was a little difficult because Dax returned to church and between making dinner, baths, bedtime, and a crying baby I was glad to go to bed even if it was only 30 minutes of sleep before getting up again : )

Nov 5, 2008

Settling In

Here is Dax in procession at the consecration of the new Bishop Jonah who will preside over Fort Worth and is the auxiliary bishop to Archbishop Dimitri of Dallas and the South.

After being cooped up for several days I wanted to go to the park so we tried out the double stroller for the first time. Thankfully we haven't had to buy any strollers or car seats. We've always had family and friends' donations.


Chloe wanted to try too.

Back at home Hannah organizes the contents of Dax's wallet before the election results start coming in.

Hannah loves kissing her sister on the head.

Sharing a blanket. Learning to share already.