Nov 13, 2008

3 Weeks Old

Anna found this cool wooden castle at a mosque's garage sale- who knew?

Hannah likes to pull back the curtain and say " boo."

She also like to pull off little seedlings from this tree in our yard- they smell like Christmas!

Chloe is 3 weeks old today! Here are some pictures of her very rare calm state. She is a pretty grumpy baby as of yet ! If she's not eating or sleeping she's not very happy.
...still sweet though : )

I tried this trick with Hannah and it worked pretty well. It worked well with Chloe too- for 5 minutes which is as long as anything works with her! As you can see here, she's already waking up again.
This is her unsettled, I'm about to be unhappy look, but she is allowing Hannah and I to enjoy lunch for the moment.

Yes, I caved! I've always been against pacifiers myself for various reasons. However!! No matter how many timed I try to play with Hannah or give her any attention during the day, the baby cries through most of it. When I've attended every need, I just can't think of how else to calm her. The Dunstan Baby Language was a real lifesaver with Hannah. For instance - a "Naaaaa" sound is a reflex for sucking, meaning the baby is hungry. "Ehhh" is for burping... and there are several others that are miraculously accurate. The idea is not to have them get to a crying stage because you know what they need. Well, Chloe says almost nothing but Naaaaa all day long no matter how much I offer to feed her. She seems to just want to suck on something for comfort. She's too young to find her own hands so I thought I would go ahead and see if a pacifier would work to give us some sanity. She does enjoy it as you can see and quiets herself for at least a few minutes. I only plan on giving it to her in the more trying situations and attempting to comfort her in other ways the rest of the time. We'll see how it goes. She cried for someone visiting the other day who handed her back saying, "mothers always have their ways of calming them down." Well according to Chloe, not this mother- at least not yet. : )

Just because the camera was on the dinner table...


The Robertson Family said...

Awe! It is so cute seeing Hannah wearing that shirt that was Kayla's! I wish I was there to help with Chloe, I know how it is when you just need a break. Once you get one kid settled the other one needs something. Can't wait to see yall on Christmas

melody said...

why don't you like pacifiers?? i guess you'll have to get used to them now

word: sperbawn