Nov 22, 2008

Funny Little Things

Hannah and I having a picnic lunch on the back porch- before it got to be so cold! I really miss getting to do things with Hannah just the 2 of us. I get alone time with the baby at night, but of course there is rarely Hannah alone time so far with the exception of a few minutes here or there, such as this lunch!

This monster strawberry just made me laugh when posed next to the normal one.

This poor Dr. Suess fox is being force fed Hannah's rejected carrot.

This made me laugh so hard! I was preparing dinner and stepped over to the den to check on Hannah's activity. She was squatting low to the ground and then fell over. Out from beneath her bottom popped a tiny dollhouse chair. She had been trying so hard to sit on it! I asked her to do it again so I could get this picture. As you can see that chair doesn't stand a chance!

Chloe being happy! The past couple of days she has had bouts of being satisfied with just sitting even if it's only for 5 minutes. If I may quote Nancy who visited Chloe today and after trying to make the baby comfortable said, "She's high maintenance. Oh my!" We still love you Chloe- she's very very sweet and I believe she truly smiled today for the first time. She's also letting us get a bit more sleep at night.

We can tell she will be a good student. She's already practicing raising her hand.


melody said...

aww little chloe! hahaha! hannah trying to sit in that chair is so funny! just knowing that she was alone and had this thought that she should try and sit in this tiny chair... haha!

The Robertson Family said...

The rocking chair story was funny. Haha We laugh at silly things because I too would not only laugh at the strawberries but also take a picture and post it on my blog spot. That is great that Chloe is letting yall sleep more! I miss all of you!!!

word: perpi haha

The Robertson Family said...

No! You didn't tell me about the real tree. We are just going to put up our artificial one. The kids are excited because we are going to put lights on the house and decorate the yard too!