Nov 5, 2008

Settling In

Here is Dax in procession at the consecration of the new Bishop Jonah who will preside over Fort Worth and is the auxiliary bishop to Archbishop Dimitri of Dallas and the South.

After being cooped up for several days I wanted to go to the park so we tried out the double stroller for the first time. Thankfully we haven't had to buy any strollers or car seats. We've always had family and friends' donations.


Chloe wanted to try too.

Back at home Hannah organizes the contents of Dax's wallet before the election results start coming in.

Hannah loves kissing her sister on the head.

Sharing a blanket. Learning to share already.


melody said...

aww these are so sweet!!
that "wee" picture and caption made me laugh!

melody said...

domicsis!! haha!! i've thought several times about always telling you what my verification words are, because sometimes they're really funny...
this time it's "ausso", but that's not one of the funnier ones i've seen. oh well

The Robertson Family said...

Hannah looks like Quin in that last picture. The slide pic is funny