Dec 5, 2008

Artistic Endeavors

We planned on going to the Denton tree lighting last night but it was just too cold to take the baby out. Last year we had a good time sampling all the wassails and I even won a gift certificate to Beth Marie's Ice Cream which I still haven't used for some reason. Anyway, we stayed in and attempted one of those gingerbread kits you see in every store. We also had one of these last year but never got around to making it. Hannah had a fun time working on it! However it had to be put away today after her 5000th time asking to play with it.

Looking good!

It started to go downhill when the icing bag stopped cooperating but Hannah was able to showcase her artistic talent anyway.

The final product! They won't be calling us to make their advertising models anytime soon.

It's little things like this that make me chuckle throughout the day. Finished munching on your granola bar for now? Here is the obvious place and position for it.

Hannah and Christmas Curious George.

Chloe in an almost smile! She has really started to smiled but this is the best I could capture on film. She is 6 weeks old already!


melody said...

hahahah!! that propped-up granola bar!

i love the gingerbread house! it's really cute

and my favorite picture in this entry is hannah with the santa hat and curious george!

The Robertson Family said...

The kids have been wanting to make one of those Gingerbread houses! I think they are so neat but we haven't gotten around to it. Preston has a picture with Curious George too! Yeah try a little piece of bologna with one macaroni noodle on it saved on the fridger shelf!

katrina said...

nice gingerbread house! i actually made gingerbread last night! so tasty.
the granola bar made me laugh.

Shawna said...

That is obvioulsy where a granola bar need to rest until ready to be eaten again!! Too funny :)