Dec 22, 2008

Before Christmas

Hannah gets to really hold Chloe for the first time. For some reason Chloe looks much larger than she really is!
Both of them smiling at the camera? Maybe a first and a last!
Sweet : )

Sunday night we attended Nana's Christmas dinner for the families at the Children's Home. Her fish, Killer, was in attendance as well as Steve (not pictured and hiding in the anemone) the clownfish.

Hannah and her friend Porscha (sp?) before the crowd shows up.

One of the employees turned out to have a beautiful voice so Nana wrangled him into singing
O Holy Night a capella. He could win American Idol any day- so talented!!

He was followed by some traditional carolers who sang all sorts of cool harmonies to everyone's favorite Christmas tunes. Also, really talented very polished. : )

The family enjoys the food and music. We were originally invited to a caroling party but it was much too cold so we were really happy we got to come to this instead.

Also....a couple of older boys were roughhousing for fun in the den. They were about 4 or 5 yrs. old and one fell to the ground. He didn't cry but just lay there holding his head. Hannah to the rescue!! She kept asking him "kokay?kokay?" and bent over him in a very motherly way. Everyone else just stood there watching while Hannah took both of the boy's hands and lifted him up to his feet- a boy twice her size! It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Once her job was done she just nodded her head and walked off! It reminded me of that fable where the mouse helps the lion with the splinter in his paw.


The Robertson Family said...

Haha Hannah picking up the boys! I would have loved to here them sing.

melody said...

aww hannah!! that's the cutest thing ever!! (her helping the boys)
and those are cute pictures of the sisters together!