Dec 29, 2008

Christmas Day

Arriving at the morning liturgy.

Two babies peeking over our shoulders at the choir.

Another failed attempt at a picture in their matching dresses. Again thanks to Nana- they were beautiful!

Chloe doesn't mind.

Merry Christmas from the Stokes family!

Nana and her girls.

Back at home- where's all the snow, Mommy?

Hannah plays with her talking parrot from Nana while we prepare food. Dax grilled a beef tenderloin that was delicious! He wants to smoke his first turkey when his side of the family visits. I made my aunt's cheese potato recipe which turned out well too.

Chloe likes her gift too.

Hannah and her musical toys.

Slam dunk! The food and company was great. We all had a lovely little Christmas at home.



The Robertson Family said...

I love the girls, Christmas dresses! Your last picture....hahahah I bet you were even more exhausted after we left!

melody said...

haha! chloe's face is hilarious in the picture of her in her dress!