Dec 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Chloe is ready for her first Christmas.

We always exchange an ornament gift on Christmas Eve. Hannah goes first....

Apparently she's not pleased! Explanation: Hannah has a box of jingle bells she really loves so I found an ornament of mini-bells formed into a wreath that look just like her own bells. I guess I wasn't thinking much like a kid. Hannah was upset because we couldn't open each little bell! : )

My snowman, Dax's Santa, Hannah's bells, and Chloe's snowman.

Me gritting my teeth when, still upset, Hannah refuses to pose for a picture in their matching Christmas tree dresses. They were awfully cute. Thanks Nana!

Off to the Christmas Eve Vigil.

Late that night we started cooking our very first Christmas meal. I made my first apple pie!
Since I have no skills I took a couple of wrong turns but now I know how to make and roll dough.
It didn't taste half bad either. This pie was finished at 1:30am but since I live in what seems like a never ending day right now that wasn't any big deal. : )

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The Robertson Family said...

That Apple Pie was delicious! Love the Dresses!