Dec 29, 2008

December 26- The Ryan Family

My parents, sisters, and niece all drove down to Texas on the 26th! Hannah is helping with some last minute cleanup in the yard.


Chloe can't wait to see everyone.

Mary Beth meets Chloe!!

If you go to the archives of this blog you'll find similar pictures from last year. Every year Melody and I make a special point to wrap each other's present as hideously as possible. We were so surprised when this year we wrapped them just alike using towels! Here is my gift to her complete with a paint sample sheet and bottle top.

Her gift to me is even better (worse?)- wrapped in a bath towel and belts and she asked for both of those back- now there's a present! : )

My aunts sent gifts along with my family since we couldn't see them this year. Aunt Dianne is a master at crafts and is the one who wins all those cross stitch awards. Apparently she got a new sewing machine and actually made these stuffed animals for all the grandkids- they are amazing and look store bought- every detail is perfect.

Kayla assisting Hannah in the unwrapping.

Now my turn. Hannah started to get the hang of it. Some gifts she kind of tossed aside because she didn't really understand them in their various boxes but we'll have fun with them all.

My dad and his "claw" - a glove/icescraper.

Melody gave Hannah this little giraffe to sit on. She calls it her horse.

The 26th is also Mary Beth's birthday. She turned 26! Happy Birthday!!!

Kayla and Hannah had so much fun in the tub with the new squirty toys.

I'm so happy the cousins got to spend time together. We grew up in the same area as our cousins so we wish they lived closer together. We also wish MB's husband Chris and son Preston could have joined us but we'll see everyone soon in March.


The Robertson Family said...

Thank you soooo much for the Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake!!!!! I really enjoyed all the cooking and baking yall did for us. Kayla and Hannah giggling in the bathtub over that turtle is stuck in my mind.

melody said...

yay! i had so much fun on this trip! i'm so glad we got to all hang out! :)